Perfect gift for the neighbors - Mute-Mic, the noiseless USB karaoke microphone


April 9, 2010

The USB Karaoke Mute-Mic acts like a cone-of-silence with its soundproofing cup around the head of the microphone

The USB Karaoke Mute-Mic acts like a cone-of-silence with its soundproofing cup around the head of the microphone

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The popularity of karaoke on home gaming consoles might have been a godsend to those frequenting bars and clubs, but the flipside is that the tone deaf are now free to belt out numbers of questionable taste and with even more questionable talent at all hours of the day or night. If there’s a shared wall between you and such noise-polluting offenders you might want to consider gifting them this USB microphone that provides a veritable cone-of-silence around it.

Compatible with Wii and Windows PCs, the USB Karaoke Mute-Mic features a soundproofing cup around the head of the microphone to keep those unwelcome decibels cupped between the singer’s mouth and the microphone. There’s no indication of just how much sound the cup will cancel out, but it is lined with foam to help keep any escaping sound to a minimum.

The neighbor-friendly microphone connects via a 2.7m (106.3-inch) cable and is available from Japan Trend Shop for US$84 not including the US$20 shipping cost. A little pricey perhaps, but money well spent for people who have trouble drifting off to the dulcet tones of a neighbor belting out My Way at two in the morning.

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You wouldn\'t be able to hear yourself, so what what\'s the point?

Kevin Magill

I can appreciate that this might in fact be a really great idea in sardine tin socialist countries with rice paper thin walls; but thing looks to be more suited for women to pee into when standing up....

Or with a vacuum hose attached - to poo into as well.

Mr Stiffy

Who says you won\'t be able to hear yourself? You hear through much more than the air around you. Among other things, there\'s bone conduction. That\'s why your own voice sounds so much different when you hear a recording of it, because you\'re not getting bone conduction. Besides, you should be able to plug some headphones into the computer and hear yourself and the music just fine.

I\'d be more concerned about how muffled this might sound. Unless there\'s a good air exhaust port, it\'ll be similar to someone putting their hand over your mouth. That little hole on the top hardly looks like it\'s up to the task.

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