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Nite Ize WrapLit LED bends and contorts to your lighting needs


June 8, 2012

The Nite Ize WrapLit bends, wraps and flexes for all kinds of uses

The Nite Ize WrapLit bends, wraps and flexes for all kinds of uses

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The Nite Ize WrapLit LED Utility Light combines LED lighting and a big, rubberized twist tie to give you a light with an infinite number of personalities. Tie it over your work area, sculpt it into a lamp, wrap it around your arm and otherwise bend it to your needs.

Sometimes you need a flashlight. Sometimes you need an overhead reading lamp. Other times, you need a single-function utility light. The WrapLit aims to give you all of that and more. The device plants Nite Ize's INOVA Microlight atop its 18-inch (45.7 cm) Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Tie. The result is a light that bends and twists to your specifications. You can snake the light into tight spaces, hang it from the roof of a camping tent or off a piece of furniture, wrap it around your neck, or build it into a stationary lamp - it gives you versatility that few other lights can.

We've seen plenty of lamps and utility lights with bendable necks, but this one looks to be particularly compact thanks to the key-chain sized LED it uses. Also, the fact that the twist tie serves as its entire base makes it a little more versatile than those that have stands or handles.

The pictures in the gallery show a few different functions, but you can probably think of a bunch of others off the top of your head. The light isn't exactly powerful (six lumens on high), but it should get the job done when working in close quarters.

The WrapLit has four different lighting modes: high, low, strobe and signal. It casts light up to 50 feet (15 m) and is visible from up to a mile (1.6 km) away. Up to 22 hours of power come from two replaceable lithium CR2016 batteries.

Nite Ize introduced the WrapLit earlier this year, and it's available now for US$12.99.

Source: Nite Ize

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Um - yeah. I can buy super bright LED keychains for about 50 cents from Hong Kong, and I just saw a USB light with a flexible neck about the same size as this gadget at the dollar store.

$12.99? I don't think so. $1.29 sounds more like it.


Incomplete story, what is the lumen output of the LED? I have a little one the size my little finger with 300 lumen output on my key ring made of titanium, my modded rechargeable Maglight has 1000 lumens output. LED lamps that are not toys cost money PatrikD, $12.99 will get you worthless toys. super bright!!! BAWAHHHH

Bill Bennett

"visible from up to a mile (1.6 km) away"...

Alpha Centauri is visible from 4 thousand light-years away but you couldn't grill a steak in its light...

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