Juke to be the first of a series of Nismo models from Nissan


March 7, 2012

Nissan's Juke Nismo Concept is headed for production

Nissan's Juke Nismo Concept is headed for production

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Having first unveiled its Juke Nismo Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan has chosen the 2012 Geneva Motor Show to give the car its European debut and reveal that it will indeed go into production as the first in a series of production cars to get the Nismo treatment.

Essentially a toned-down version of the 480 hp Juke-R, the Juke Nismo will be offered in two versions - one will be two-wheel drive, while the other will feature four-wheel drive and torque vectoring. Revised suspension settings will feature on both versions.

While the production version will differ from the Juke Nismo Concept on display in Geneva, Nissan says the concept vehicle "gives a strong indication of how the production model will look."

We'll have to wait until closer to launch for more detailed specs, but the company says the car will be powered by a tuned turbocharged petrol engine and will bring "motorsport-inspired performance to the street," to reflect the values of the Nismo brand, Nissan's performance and motorsport division.

The Juke Nismo will be produced at Nissan's U.K. manufacturing plant in Sunderland, with sales to begin in Europe at the end of 2012.

Source: Nissan

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