Nissan reintroduces Datsun brand – in India


July 29, 2013

The recently-unveiled Datsun GO

The recently-unveiled Datsun GO

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Back in 1986, the Nissan Motor Company phased out the Datsun brand name, after having owned that company since 1934. Last year, however, Nissan announced that it would be reviving the name for a new line of economy vehicles. This month, the first of those cars was unveiled in Delhi, India – the Datsun GO.

The car is named after Datsun’s first-ever vehicle, the DAT-GO. Although the new GO’s styling was handled in Japan, it was engineered in India, where it will also be produced and sold starting in early 2014. Plans also call for other models to be developed, manufactured and sold next year in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa.

The GO is a compact 5-door, 5-passenger, front-wheel drive hatchback, with a 1.2-liter engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. Despite its small size, it is reportedly roomy inside, due to a wide stance and large wheelbase. While it definitely appears to be a no-frills vehicle (which is the whole idea) it does feature a mobile docking station, which will allow drivers to play music from their smartphones through the car’s sound system.

Pricing is expected to be below 400,000 rupees, which is approximately US$6,700.

The Bollywood-style unveiling can be seen in the video below.

Source: Nissan

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Wonder if it is as reliable as the old ones. Nissan dropped the ball when they could have continued to release these kinds of cars in direct competition to the Hyundai.


Too bad. They missed a great opportunity by using that generic "modern" music. Would have been nice to bring back the classic Datsun jingle. How do you say "We are driven!" in Hindi?


Any idea why Nissan has revived the Datsun name ?

Martin Hone

@Martin Hone They were probably worried making $6000 cars would damage the Nissan brand. A lot of car companies do this.


if they produced a car with fantastic air conditioning in India, they could call it Datsun Ice Car.


Rs 4 lakhs is a bit high for a low end car in India. The very wonderful Volkswagen Polo sells for that amount in India, while the ubiquitous Hyundai i10 for as little as Rs 3.5 lakhs. Rs 2.8 to 3 lakhs is more like good for Datsun Go !

Atul Malhotra

Datsun's were famous for rusting into oblivion with little left but the tires and a pile of ferrous oxide.

One hopes that the "new" Datsuns will be plastic like all cars.


Looks like a Seat

Mark Penver
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