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Nike iPhone App for Runners – very useful


September 9, 2010

Nike has rolled-out a new Nike+ GPS iPhone App for iPhone and iPod touch. It is predominately a GPS app that allows you to visually map your run in addition to monitoring time, pace, distance and calories burned. If you're running on a treadmill or out of GPS range the accelerometer is used to keep the data coming and audio feedback and motivation is delivered by the likes of Paula Radcliffe or Lance Armstrong.

Through a platform on the Nike+ website, (currently boasting a community of 3 million members) runners can connect with other runners within their neighborhood or throughout the world.

The App also comes with a “Challenge Me” feature, whereby runners can push themselves to increase their pace or distance compared to previous runs logged in the system. You can connect to www.nikeplus.com after each run and share run history with friends via the site, Twitter, or Facebook. However the online support program is more likely to be useful to view your progress, create goals, download coaching programs or accept running challenges.

Added bonus: if you happen to get lost, you can tap the screen to see your current location.

The Nike+ GPS App is available for US$1.99 from the Apple App Store.

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There has to be an app for golf...

Raul Zalles

There are lots more apps out there for runners, with more features and cost free. Strands for iPhone is a free app, which is great for runners. www.strands.com/iphone

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