Second-generation Nexus 7 reportedly coming "around July"


April 3, 2013

Google and Asus are reportedly prepping the Nexus 7's sequel for a July release

Google and Asus are reportedly prepping the Nexus 7's sequel for a July release

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Two years ago, the iPad was untouchable at the top of the tablet market. Apple still sells the most tablets, but several rival slates have made serious inroads. One of those is the Google and Asus lovechild that we know as the Nexus 7. Though a sequel to the budget tablet is unconfirmed, it's inevitable. And today we have some new details on the second-generation Nexus 7.

The scoop comes from Reuters, who says that the new seven-inch tablet will ship “around July.” Google is partnering again with Asus, but will switch processors: ditching Nvidia for a Qualcomm chip.

iPad mini-like design?

Our mockup shows what a more iPad mini-like Nexus 7 could look like

It looks like the Google/Asus partnership is taking some cues from the iPad mini. The Nexus 7 follow-up will supposedly feature a larger screen and narrower bezels. As you can see in our comparison, the iPad mini’s screen is 0.9-inch larger – with less bezel – than the first Nexus 7.

The report also mentions a higher-resolution display on the updated Nexus (this isn't the first we've heard on that front). Apple’s first-generation iPad mini – despite being an all-around great device – has lackluster resolution (1024 x 768).

Google and Asus could potentially pounce on this weakness by releasing a high-res Nexus 7 before Apple can ship an iPad mini with Retina Display.

Of processors and pricing

As for the processor switcheroo, Reuters says that Google weighed both Nvidia’s and Qualcomm’s current-gen chips, before ultimately deciding on Qualcomm. The reason? Apparently the search giant preferred Qualcomm “for power reasons.” Yep, battery life is still important.

The report suggests that pricing for the new Nexus isn’t yet set in stone. It bandies two scenarios:

  • the new Nexus 7 retails for the current price of the first model (US$200), while the first-gen model drops to $150
  • the new model retails for $150, and the first-gen Nexus 7 goes to the great tablet graveyard in the sky

Both options sound good, but the second one could be a game-changer. A price of $150 for a faster Nexus 7 with a larger, higher-res display? That's enough to get our attention.

Source: Reuters

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I've almost bought the Nexus 7 on quite a few occasions but for tablets I mainly just watch videos and read comic books. 10" is the best suited to read comics and movies take up lots of space, so I've found my Archos 101 G9 250 GB more than enough for me, if I stick to just watching videos and reading comics it will last for years. I can still get by on a weak tablet and just use my Phone and PC for everything else. I'm sure I'll upgrade someday but probably not to a Nexus since after having 250 GB 32 is extremely anemic.


I already have a Nexus 7, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, an Gen 4 iPad, and one of the original HP Touchpad designs.

For a super competitive next Gen Nexus "small" I would encourage also a rear camera. I actually carry my Galaxy Tab because I can also get travel pictures with it and show them to others directly.

For more regular reading, web surfing, etc., I would ALWAYS go to the larger screen units.

George Parrott

Three delicious words: Key Lime Pie!


This will probably be the last straw for my resistance to getting a Nexus 7. I've been 'making do' with my retired Droid Bionic and a LapDock. Since the the ICS upgrade it's running as a 4.04 tablet. The big screen is nice but a seven inch tablet would see a lot of use for me. One spec I haven't seen is memory. Hopefully it will be 2 GB. USB OTG support would be a plus as well. Oh, and while I'm at a POGO Dock would be nice at launch - not several months later (again).


I LOVE my Nexus 7! I wouldn't consider a gen 2 version—not enough difference, but when the time comes, I certainly envision getting the gen 3 version!


No more Nexus tablets for me.

Got a Nexus 10 (after waiting 6 weeks for it arrive) and the wifi didn't work, it kept dropping the connection. All my other devices worked properly.

Sent the first Nexus 10 back and got another one, that took 9 weeks.

The second one had same wifi problem as the first one, so I sent it back. Yet all my other devices continued to work just fine, no wifi problems at all.

Then it took 17 weeks to get my refund from Google, after countless phone calls and emails.

Don't buy a Nexus.

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