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New series of joysticks for flight sim fans from Genius


October 20, 2008

The top of the line MetalStrike FF Joystick.

The top of the line MetalStrike FF Joystick.

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October 21, 2008 PC input peripheral and audio device company, Genius has announced a new gaming joystick series aimed at frustrated pilots everywhere. Each joystick in the MetalStrike series has a turbo function, while the MetalStrike FF and Pro joysticks feature a force feedback function for feeling every bump, crash or shot when playing air combat games.

Each joystick in the series has 13 programmable buttons, an eight-way "point of view" hat switch and a turbo function for auto-repeat firing. The joysticks also feature a four-axis design including the rudder, which provides aileron, elevator, throttle, and power controls. In addition, the Genius MetalStrike FF and Pro Joysticks feature an air control function, which includes three levels of air control to keep those sweaty mitts cool, dry and in prime combat condition.

All three joysticks in the series require a spare USB port and are compatible with all version of Windows from 98SE on.

The Genius MetalStrike 3D Joystick is priced at USD$26.99, the MetalStrike Pro is priced at USD$39.99, and the MetalStrike FF Joystick is priced at USD$69.99 USD.

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