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June 20, 2011

Improv Electronics has announced two new additions to the Boogie Board brand, together with a new accessory for the original

Improv Electronics has announced two new additions to the Boogie Board brand, together with a new accessory for the original

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Improv Electronics has announced some new additions to its Boogie Board LCD writing tablet brand. The original digital contender to the note book is being joined by a new bigger-screen version, and one that includes a binder-friendly casing. There's also a new accessory for the original 8.5-inch device that can be attached to a fridge door, wall or almost any other flat surface to act as a slide-in home for a Boogie Board.

The new Boogie Boards, like the original, are temporary note-takers intended to be a digital replacement for note pads and scraps of paper. There's no permanent storage of what's written on the screen (which is erased at the press of a button), but the device is able to retain the scribblings without needing to power the display. All of the new additions will ship from July 1.

Offering almost twice the available writing surface than the original, the new 10.5 LCD Writing Tablet sports an integrated stylus holder and an erase lock button, and runs on two AAAA-sized user-replaceable batteries. It weighs 8.1 ounces (229 g), has 10.50 x 6.88 x 0.45-inch (267 x 175 x 11 mm) dimensions and costs US$59.95.

Improv Electronics is also about to release a new version of the 8.5-inch model, housed in a special casing that includes holes for clipping into two, three and four ring binders and a holder for the included stylus. The 0.25 x 7.50 x 0.27-inch (260 x 191 x 7 mm) 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet for Binders weighs 5.5 ounces (158 g) and is priced at US$44.95.

The new Boogie Board Message Center allows a user to slide in an original 8.5-inch Boogie Board for stationary mini-white-board-like display and includes a reversible cork/metal insert underneath the main tablet area for push pin or magnetic paper notes. This 9.13 x 8.87 x 0.63-inch (225 x 232 x 16 mm), 9.2 ounce (261 g) accessory will cost US$19.95.

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No permanent storage? No USB or anything like that? So in what way is this an improvement over a piece of chaulk and a blackboard?


I totally agree with limbodog. Maybe the name will appeal to the baby boomers, but overall I can\'t see any advantage over a notepad bought at a dollar store.

Johnny Ancich

If you\'re trying to compare it to then you\'re going about it the wrong way. Its meant to be an electronic scratch pad and nothing more. I will admit the price is probably 2x too expensive for me to bother picking one up.

I would buy them for the kitchen, bar, kids homework scratch pads. I have the first version and they use it constantly.

Again price is the real issue

Rocky Stefano

I would think that an electronic scratchpad by definition would allow you to save what you just wrote down. Oh wait, I guess that what paper is for!

Paper 2 Boogie 0

Johnny Ancich
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