Nadir watch draws your eye to its center


February 26, 2014

Nadir is a watch that defies convention by pointing the hands inwards rather than outwards

Nadir is a watch that defies convention by pointing the hands inwards rather than outwards

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We've seen plenty of watches that have tried to do something different from the norm. The watch with one hand, the watch with one hand and no numbers, and every single watch from Tokyo Flash, to cite just three examples. And now we have another, this one being a watch that has the hands pointing inwards rather than outwards.

This is the Nadir, a watch designed by Damian Barton for Projects Watches. While a normal watch has the numbers placed around the outside of the face and the hands pointing from the center outwards, Nadir has the numbers collected around a small disc in the middle of the face and the hands positioned on the outside and pointing inwards.

This unusual design means your eye is drawn inextricably to the center of the watch. It also makes you look twice, mainly because it isn't what you expect to see when looking at a watch. It arguably makes it easier to tell what the time is ... at least once you get used to seeing the time told from such a peculiar angle. It helps that the opposite ends of the hands point to where you would expect to find them on a normal watch, so even those who find themselves confused by the Nadir have an easy alternative method for telling the time.

Nadir features a black leather strap and black stainless steel face, with both the numbers and hands picked out in white. It's designed to be worn by both sexes and is priced at US$125.

Source: Projects Watches via Gizmodo

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The wristwatch is dead but these people aren't getting the memo. Since the cell phone, who needs a timepiece on their forearm?

Ron Olson

"It arguably makes it easier to tell what the time is "

The key word being 'arguably'

Mel Tisdale

Right, because it's so much easier to see the exact minute in that tiny little circle in the center than in the large circle that makes up the outside of the watch.

Give me a break. It's a clever novelty, but easier to read? Only if you suffer from tunnel vision.


Thats the dumbest idea ever. To Ron Olson. I prefer wearing a wristwatch. I Love wearing a nice timepiece. So do millions of other people...

Joe Sobotka

And the award for 'Form over function' goes to...............


"It arguably makes it easier to tell what the time is "

I have never met anyone over the age of 3 who had a problem reading the existing watch-face. This new watch is solving a non-existent problem.


Taking into account that watches are fashion items, I think that this is a very nice design. It looks very nice and it is much easier to read than some of the other art pieces which have come out of the design houses.

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