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My Pet Speaker – world's first sound system designed for your pet's sensitive ears


February 11, 2010

My Pet Speaker is a sound system that eliminates high and low frequencies in music to cate...

My Pet Speaker is a sound system that eliminates high and low frequencies in music to cater for pets' sensitive ears

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Love your music but can’t understand why it sends your cat or dog flying out of the room? Well, apparently it’s because your furry friend hears the high and low frequencies in sounds that the human ear can’t detect – so playing your favorite tunes can really irritate, disturb or even scare your pet. Here’s a clever solution that could soon have you both in auditory heaven - the My Pet Speaker. It reduces the unsettling frequencies of music - so it’s gentle on your pet’s ears - and lets you still enjoy the music you love.

The My Pet Speaker features an omni-directional speaker that has a 4-inch drive unit and cone reflector that allows the music can be disbursed in 360° – much like animals hear in real life. The music is produced with limited frequencies to eliminate jarring volumes or piercing sounds and the soft bass design adds to listening comfort.

The control buttons are on the rear of the speaker so your pets don’t come in contact with the operational panel and the stable base ensures that it won’t get knocked down when Rover is rockin’ out to Snoop Dog. Covered in real wood veneers, the My Pet Speaker works with any music device, including an mp3 player, CD player or iPhone.

The frequency response is 200-12KHz, the speaker (excluding the transformer) weighs 5kg (11.02lbs) and the dimensions are 12.5 inches (31.8cm) x 9.84 (25cm) x 12.6 (32cm) d x w x h.

There is also a Pet Acoustics iPhone application that can be downloaded which includes multiple music tracks. These tracks have been specifically tailored to create the right pitch, tone, frequency, and volume level for your pet’s sensitive ears.

Pet Acoustics Inc founder and composer, Janet Marlow, said: “With the overwhelming success and response to the Pet Acoustics application, we are so thrilled to provide this amazing tool that uses all music to create pet-friendly environments for pets everywhere. My Pet Speaker is ideal for pets at home, veterinary clinics, barns, pet care facilities, and is currently being used in horse stables to elicit relaxation by modifying frequencies that agitate equine hearing.”

The My Pet speaker (US$249.95, pre-order) and iPhone application (currently US$1.99) can be purchased from Pet Acoustics.


Most speakers aren't capable of playing sounds outside the human hearing range anyway.

Gruph Norgle
12th February, 2010 @ 10:22 am PST

A cross over will do exactly that at 1/5th the cost. This is utterly useless. If your pets are being annoyed by the noise they'll move. This is just silly.

Jesse Gunn
12th February, 2010 @ 02:54 pm PST

Wow 12Khz as the highest frequency in the overall response of the speaker, that's bad! Might not bother my dog but it would bother me for sure!

12th February, 2010 @ 06:24 pm PST
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