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MusicLites WiFi-enabled LED bulb fuses light and sound


May 16, 2010

Osram Sylvania and Artisan have announced MusicLites, a lighting solution where sound and light come together in one module

Osram Sylvania and Artisan have announced MusicLites, a lighting solution where sound and light come together in one module

The outlook for piping music into office space or the shop floor is about to get a lot brighter thanks to the combined efforts of Osram Sylvania and Artisan. The MusicLites system not only illuminates the area below but can also wirelessly receive audio and pump it out of its built-in speaker.

Lighting solutions company Osram Sylvania and audio innovator Artisan have teamed up to produce the MusicLites system. A 10W LED light bulb, which beams out the equivalent of a 65W reflector and fits into existing light fixtures, also has a 70mm full range hi-fi audio speaker built in. The inclusion of a 2.4GHz wireless transceiver means that compatible audio devices can send music sound signals to the unit, which then pumps out both sound and light.

Rick Leaman of Osram Sylvania said: "With the ease of screwing in a light bulb, consumers and businesses can experience a quality, custom sound system and the most energy-efficient lighting technology."

Cary Christie from Artison (who is credited with inventing and patenting the concept of a speaker and light combination in 1999) followed with: "MusicLites is the most revolutionary product that I have developed in my 40 years in the consumer electronics industry. With our combination of light and sound, anyone can now enjoy functionality and luxury in one package."

MusicLites will be available later this year and each kit will come with two 3.8 x 5.3 inch modules, which can fit into 4-6 inch recessed cans, and a remote for controlling the intensity of the light and audio settings.

A similar system from Klipsch took out an Innovations Award at CES this year.

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