Fender's first IEMs designed to snuggly fit most ears

Best known for its legendary guitars, including the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazzmaster models, Fender Musical Instruments is now looking to plug into the ears of music professionals and audiophiles with its first in-ear monitors. The Pro range will initially be made up of five models, with the line boasting patented hybrid driver technology and 3D-printed housings designed to fit the vast majority of ears just like custom-molded monitors.Read More

Relay G10 billed as the easiest wireless guitar system ever

Wireless technology has been available for a good many years, but reliability, affordability and complexity issues mean that many players prefer to remain cabled to an amp. Line 6 is looking to solve such problems with the Relay G10, a plug and play system that's claimed as easy as using a cable and has enough battery life to survive the longest of noodlefests.Read More

ARQ is like a multitool for producers and performers

Zoom has revealed a futuristic electronic tambourine at this year's Winter NAMM that leaves some drum pads, MIDI controllers and other digital music makers looking a little flat. The ARQ Aero RhythmTrak is described as a drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller, and features a Bluetooth-enabled ring with a built-in accelerometer for music creation and playback control from movement.Read More

Roland merges traditional and modern with hybrid cajón

Thought to have originated as a simple communication tool for slaves, the cajón has been accompanying traditional music for many years. More rhythmic flavors have been added to today's boxes in the shape of snare springs, jangly accessories and kick pedals. At Frankfurt's Musikmesse last year, Germany's Flink Labs brought the instrument bang up to date with a cajón-sized electronic drum machine called the Flink, which had rubber pads out front that triggered samples when bashed. Roland has opted for a best of both worlds approach and married acoustic with digital for the EL Cajon EC-10.Read More

IK takes aim at the mobile studio with backpack-friendly iLoud Micro Monitors

At NAMM 2013, IK Multimedia announced two portable streaming speakers that it claimed were "on par" with conventional studio monitors. At this year's trade show, the company has added what's said to be "the smallest studio reference monitoring system in the world" to its iLoud range. Aimed at musicians and producers who are not necessarily confined to the recording studio when mixing and mastering, the iLoud Micro Monitors are reported to deliver stunning clear and accurate audio.Read More

Kadabra set to bring a little magic to electronic music creation

We're no strangers to electronic music creation innovations here at Gizmag. Over the years we've seen giant synths, expressive boards and keyboards, guitar-like hybrids, intriguing futuristic multi-instruments and, frankly, oddball tone generators. A team of Israeli producers and musicians has now entered the arena with Kadabra, a wireless wooden instrument that's said to bring a new approach to music creation and performing.Read More


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