IK takes aim at the mobile studio with backpack-friendly iLoud Micro Monitors

At NAMM 2013, IK Multimedia announced two portable streaming speakers that it claimed were "on par" with conventional studio monitors. At this year's trade show, the company has added what's said to be "the smallest studio reference monitoring system in the world" to its iLoud range. Aimed at musicians and producers who are not necessarily confined to the recording studio when mixing and mastering, the iLoud Micro Monitors are reported to deliver stunning clear and accurate audio.Read More

Kadabra set to bring a little magic to electronic music creation

We're no strangers to electronic music creation innovations here at Gizmag. Over the years we've seen giant synths, expressive boards and keyboards, guitar-like hybrids, intriguing futuristic multi-instruments and, frankly, oddball tone generators. A team of Israeli producers and musicians has now entered the arena with Kadabra, a wireless wooden instrument that's said to bring a new approach to music creation and performing.Read More

Project R2R building new reel-to-reel tape machine

There's no doubt that digital music formats offer a convenient way to listen to lots of music on the move. Factor in on-demand streaming services and you don't even have to worry about running out of storage space on your portable device. But even though digitized music reigns supreme, demand for analog formats like vinyl is on the rise, with US sales in 2015 up 30 percent on the previous year. Austria's Horch House says that when it comes to analog, you can't beat reel-to-reel tape and has announced its intention to develop a new consumer reel-to-reel player.Read More

AutoPot dials in saved parameter presets on floor stomps

Tweaking settings on effects stomps for different song requirements can be a bit of pain. Not only do you have to indulge the patience of the audience by crouching down to your pedalboard to turn the knobs, but you also have to remember which value positions give the desired sound. GigRig's AutoPot allows players to set value presets and have up to three of its arms change the settings for them.Read More


Review: Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless speaker

In an age of wireless speakers dominated by singing soda cans and the occasional light show, the Zeppelin Wireless from British audio firm Bowers & Wilkins keeps the focus refreshingly on the task at hand. The latest in the Zeppelin line takes what was previously a muscle-bound iPod dock, upgrades it, and delivers a top-tier speaker that just happens to be wireless. Let's take a listen.Read More

TriplePlay wireless MIDI controller gets foot control

Fishman's TriplePlay MIDI controller and pickup gives guitar players access to a world of digital sound generation, whether it's playing a funky vintage synth from your fretboard or blowing a haunting melody on a flute. The controller wirelessly links to music creation software running on a laptop, which then outputs the tones via the audio jack to headphones, powered speakers or even an instrument amp. But you don't really want to be leaving your laptop, which may contain personal information, just off stage when touring small clubs, so Fishman has launched the FC-1 Floor Controller. This allows players access to patches and presets from connected sound modules and synths.Read More

Phāz Music prepares for a jack-free mobile audio future

The humble audio jack has served music lovers well over the years, but listening to tunes on mobile devices can be something of a disappointment for budding audiophiles. Manufacturers naturally concentrate on upping processor performance, squeezing more pixels per inch into the display and extending battery life, while audio components often appear something of an afterthought. Folks who like to groove on the move to high quality playback can opt for a portable DAC like the DacMagic XS, but the P5 Digital Headphones and Z1 Digital Earphones have their own hi-res DACs and are compatible with both USB and Lightning connections.Read More

SenCbuds earbuds know when to stop the music

If you're listening to music from your smartphone via earbuds, there are currently two ways of pausing the playback: you can hit pause on the phone, or use the button controls on the earbud cable. New Zealand-based Vivnnovation Limited, however, has come up with a third alternative. Its SenCbuds automatically pause your music when they're removed from your ears, then resume it when you put them back in.Read More


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