Modular music stand is like a multitool for musicians

Described by its creators as a "Swiss Army Knife" for musicians, the Senstand multi-function music stand can be set to different heights and be transformed into instrument storage, a standing desk, drinks holder, accessory minder and more. The strap from the custom carry bag it collapses down into can even be used as a guitar strap for your guitar or bass.Read More

Nura adapts to anatomy for perfectly personalized audio

When new headphones hit the market, many tout hefty hardware specs and/or a varied type of fit for enhanced comfort. But the latest sidesteps this standard approach with a peculiar dual-form that also caters to anyone who can appreciate customized audio. Not only do the Nura headphones combine in- and over-ear styles together as one, its soundwave technology is designed to automatically measure hearing and adapt the sound to match the listener.Read More

Transparent speaker leverages old-school technology for affordable Hi-Fi sound

Before smartphones – and even cellphones – took over as the modern means of voice communication, people relied on landline telephones. Cordless DECT phones are still commonly used these days, freely found within office buildings or the homes of beloved grandparents. Hong Kong-based startup ONEaudio has created a unique kind of speaker using this old technology. The ONEclassic DECT wireless speakers are designed to deliver lag-free, audiophile-grade sound at an affordable price.Read More

Mini-coil pickup gives your tone a bigger bottom

Players looking to fatten a guitar's tone can opt for some signal massaging courtesy of stomp chains, slot a Submarine under the strings or break out the soldering iron and dial in A Little Thunder. Now there's another way. The mini-coils in the Rivet pickups shape a host guitar's tone with just good ol' magnets and wire. No batteries, no processing, no filtering. Just boosted lower end or more presence in the highs, depending on which model is installed.Read More

Smart guitar previews connected hybrid future

For the most part, going on a guitar safari today is much like it was 40 or 50 years ago. The same body shapes occupy prime retail space, the same brands seem to demand the most attention from shop floor noodlers and the same technology rules the roost. Dig a little deeper and you'll not only see modern tech creeping into familiar-looking instruments, but you may also spot axes that embrace the brave new digital world. The Sensus guitar is said to be "a unique mix of acoustic tradition and state of the art technology," with the folks behind it going so far as to claim that it's the world's first smart guitar.Read More

Stunning keyboard controller wouldn't look too out of place on the back of a Carrera

The MPiano from Austria's Alpha Pianos is an elegant, futuristic concept study that's actually heading for production. The 88-key digital controller was developed in partnership with the Porsche Design Studio and features adjustable keyboard action so that musicians can choose precisely how the device feels to play, from the solid, weighty keys of a concert grand to a light and springy tabletop synth.Read More


Review: Super-small wireless earbuds pack in big sound and features

Between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, Qi wireless charging and someday possibly Li-Fi, there may very well come a day when kids look back on the 2010's and say, "Can you believe they actually used to use wires?". Certainly one of the more fun aspects of the wireless revolution has been the increasing availability and quality of Bluetooth headphones. A new set of wireless earbuds with built-in microphones has just been released on Kickstarter that truly raise the bar in this arena. We tried them out.Read More

Thunderous guitar pickup gets an Ego boost

Back in 2014, guitarist Andy Alt nailed a successful Kickstarter to fund the production of a box-shaped pickup that's actually home to a single coil humbucker and a two pole bottom feeder pickup to give a guitar some extra low end wallop. It was only a matter of time before A Little Thunder made its way into a signature guitar, and thanks to a partnership with Italy's Marconi Lab custom shop, that guitar comes in the shape of the eye-catching Ego Thunder.Read More


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