Ra produces eerie music from spinning pyrite sun

When Dmitry Morozov was offered a pyrite disc in the US, it was given free of charge on condition that the Russian media artist, circuit bender and musician create something sonic with it. He came up with a combination of optical media reader and digital music instrument called Ra, which uses a laser to scan the uneven surface of the pyrite sun and produce synthesized sounds.Read More


Review: B&W P5 Wireless headphones offer crisp and clear cable-free listening

Many companies have leaped gleefully into the choppy, Bluetooth-tinted waters of personal wireless listening, but Bowers & Wilkins has made a more measured entry. Citing advancements in Bluetooth technology, namely the aptX standard, the British firm has felt compelled to join the party, rolling out a wireless version of its highly rated P5 Series 2 headphones. After spending some time with the plush leather pads pressed against our ears, we've got some thoughts on how they stack up, and we feel devotees of the company's high-end equipment won't be disappointed with its decision to cut the cord. Read More

Looking for an earthy tone? ERD packs real dirt into distortion module

For some players, faulty cables, abused amplifiers and neglected instruments can be a source of surprisingly gratifying sonic output rather than a performance or recording nightmare. But if it's true grit you're after, only actual topsoil will do. Such is the thinking behind the ERD modular Eurorack series distortion unit from Martin Howse, which has a box a real dirt at its core. Buyers of the strictly limited module are even being offered discounts for providing the creator with earth from locations linked to the macabre.Read More

Master & Dynamic ME05 earphones look elegant in machined brass

While basic earbuds will get the job done, many eventually choose to upgrade their audio with something that both looks and sounds better. If you happen to have an appreciation for precision-machining and fine material, the latest from Master & Dynamic may catch your fancy. The ME05 earphones feature 8-mm Neodymium drivers encased in a solid brass body with a hand-finished shine.Read More

Seaboard Rise makes Keywave expression more affordable, more awesome

Back in March 2013, UK-based startup Roli introduced a new kind of expressive musical instrument called the Seaboard Grand. From a distance, it had the look of a digital piano, but getting closer revealed a playing surface that looked like a plastic keyboard cover had melted over the keys after being left in the hot sun for too long. The whole of this SEA interface was actually one continuous, pressure-sensitive playing area with pitch, volume and timbre controlled by strikes, presses, glides and slides. The company has been working to improve its Keywaves expression technology ever since, and has now revealed a new portable member of the Seaboard controller family called the Rise.Read More

V-Moda loses the cables with latest Crossfade Wireless headphones

Through much planning, research, engineering, and maybe a little bit of caving-in to consumer demand, V-Moda has unveiled what many had believed would never be. The V-Moda Crossfade Wireless over-ear headphones are the company’s first Bluetooth-enabled product after so many years of cable-only models. The Crossfade Wireless is designed to offer virtually-identical analog and wireless playback while maintaining V-Moda’s iconic silhouette.Read More


Review: JBL Flip3 and Xtreme aren't afraid of the water

Portable speakers are a great way to take the party anywhere, but many lack in the robustness department to the point where taking one to the beach is like using a Faberge egg as a rugby ball. To keep the tunes going even on a rainy day, JBL's Flip3 and Xtreme speakers not only boast exceptional sound quality, but are also so water resistant that you can rinse them off under the tap. We recently got hold of each of them and put them through the figurative wringer.Read More

First look: RHA prepares to enter DAC/headphone amp market

For the last few years, RHA's earphones have gone from great-sounding blasters for the budget conscious to top notch high resolution audio throwers like the impressive T20s we reviewed back in July. Fast approaching its fifth anniversary, the company now feels that the time is right for a move beyond earphones and gave a glimpse into its near future vision with a still-in-development DAC/headphone amp on show at IFA 2015. Gizmag dropped by the RHA booth for a quick look.Read More


Review: Second coming of the q-Jays earphones

In a market saturated with celebrity endorsements, fashion experiments and ambitious mark-ups, it is always a delight to discover a product that focusses on functionality and performance. Swedish company Jays last month released its second-generation q-Jays reference earphones, three years after the release of the first model. We put them through their paces to see if they impress as much as the originals.Read More


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