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Music Strap backpack speakers shoulder the responsibility for music on the go


October 4, 2010

The Music Strap backpack speakers

The Music Strap backpack speakers

While headphones are a great way to enjoy music while out and about, they don’t let you impose your musical tastes on share your musical tastes with those around you. Sitting a boombox on your shoulder might solve the problem but we think the Music Strap is a much more convenient and shoulder-friendly option. It is a mini speaker system that attaches to the straps of any backpack to let you whistle along to your favorite tunes as you walk, bike, ski or basically do anything that can be done while wearing a backpack.

The system pumps out sound through a pair of 1W speakers which are connected by a 27.5-inch (70cm) speaker cable that is held in place by a pair of Velcro cable ties, while your portable music player of choice is connected by the included 20-inch (50cm) audio cable. The speakers are protected by a lightweight weatherproof plastic housing and are powered by two AAA batteries.

Aside from advertising your impeccable taste in music to passers-by, the Music Strap is also sure to be a safer option for listening to music while weaving through traffic by allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings.

The Music Strap is available from Lucky Bums for US$29.99.

Via 7Gadgets

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Wow about 40 years late!


I bought one so I could listen to music and a local cop could not bust me for earphones during my road rides.


ONE watt ? You must be sharing with your CLOSE friends! ;>)


I designed and built my own set of these about 5 years ago...

1/2 a watt of power per speaker is actually quite a lot, as the speakers are only 150mm away from your ears.......

Mr Stiffy
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