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Mudguard comes off and rolls up when the roads are dry


June 12, 2013

The Musguard is a bicycle mudguard that detaches from the bike and rolls up when not in use

The Musguard is a bicycle mudguard that detaches from the bike and rolls up when not in use

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We’ve seen a bicycle mudguard that detaches from the bike and folds up when not in use, along with one that stays attached but rolls up when not needed. Created by Slovenian product designer Jurij Lozić, the Musguard offers features of both – it’s easy to put on and take off, and rolls up for stowage in a pack or pocket.

The Musguard is made from die-cut polypropylene, which folds into shape once unrolled. It’s secured to the bike’s seat tube using a simple Velcro strap, and can be attached or detached in seconds.

Lozić is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter, and at the time of this posting has more than tripled his financial goal. A pledge of US$25 will get you a Musguard in your choice of five colors, once they’re available.

The mudguard can be seen in use in the video below. A front fender is reportedly also in the works.

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Not a million miles away from the ass saver which has been around for a couple of years http://ass-savers.com/

Mike Karthäuser

Are you going to stop and put it on every time you come to a gutter that has water in it? If you want to ride a bike that has fenders ride a bike that has fenders.


Remind me, why do you need to take the mudguard off?




However, one has to know this guy who designed this Musguard is a fixie rider. The name Musguard comes from 'muslauf', a local Slovene slang word for fixie bike, which again comes from german 'muss laufen' or 'must run' in english. It beats me how someone that rides a fixie finds mud protection can to be more essential than a freewheel. I always thought fixie philosophy was all about being true and authentic (whatever one may think of that :rolleyes:) and therefore getting a bike rid of all things not absolutelly necessary for riding it. Guess not...

Also way overpriced.

Short Fuse

What about the front wheel? I get pelted by more crap by the front wheel than the back wheel throws up.


There are these things called full fenders. Bikes used to have them until the 80's.

Fenders, always there to keep the rider from getting reverse skunk stripes, front and rear.

Gregg Eshelman
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