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MUNITIO 9 mm earphones deliver a shot of music


June 9, 2011

MUNITO's SITi (Standard Issue Titanium) Nine Millimeter Earphones resemble bullets, and are promoted as the world's first 'Tactical Earphone' (Photo: Firebox)

MUNITO's SITi (Standard Issue Titanium) Nine Millimeter Earphones resemble bullets, and are promoted as the world's first 'Tactical Earphone' (Photo: Firebox)

There's something a little disturbing about the thought of jamming something that looks like a bullet into your ears, but then again, MUNITO's SITi (Standard Issue Titanium) Nine Millimeter Earphones clearly aren't your grandma's earbuds. Not only are their metal bodies modeled after 9 mm shell casings, but their flexible tips are actually trademarked as SiliconeHollowPoints. Lest you think that these earphones are all novelty and no substance, however, they do have some half-decent specs.

The SITis feature 9 mm speaker drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets, contained within a titanium-coated machined copper alloy housing. The company claims that this housing delivers "unmatched sound purity, natural noise canceling and durability."

Something known as the BassEnhancingChamber is claimed to produce tight, accurate bass without distortion, while the AccousticSoundFlowSystem reportedly allows for smooth mid to high frequency response with a minimum of ear fatigue.

The cable is reinforced with Kevlar for added durability, and the 3.5 mm stereo plug is coated in 24k gold, for better audio signal transfer.

MUNITO's SITi Nine Millimeter Earphones are available in silver or gold finish, via the company website, for a price of US$159. There is also a version with a built-in microphone, that sells for $179.

... and although they're billed as the world's first "Tactical Earphone," we're pretty sure that title already belongs to the QUIETPRO+ system.

Source: Firebox

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Just goes to reinforce the fact the loud music is damaging to the ears! You Have Been Warned! :-)


Cool! But try getting those through airport security!

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