Stainless steel robot arm designed to experiment with drugs


July 24, 2013

Kawasaki Heavy Industries' MSR05 arm at Interphex Japan

Kawasaki Heavy Industries' MSR05 arm at Interphex Japan

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If you were designing a robotic arm for use in pharmaceutical research, you’d want to make it easy to sterilize between uses. That’s why Kawasaki Heavy Industries has encased its snazzy-looking new MSR05 arm entirely in stainless steel.

Recently demonstrated at the Interphex Japan pharmaceutical industry trade show, the MSR05 is intended specifically for use in drug discovery experiments involving dangerous substances. In order to minimize the risk of contamination taking place within those experiments, the whole assembly can be safely sterilized using hydrogen peroxide gas.

Although the arm is being touted as the world's first all stainless steel robot with seven degrees of freedom, it should be noted that other stainless steel robotic arms do already exist. They have less degrees of freedom, however, plus they don’t all look so darn cool.

The MSR05 is scheduled to be launched commercially next January. It can be seen in action in the DigInfo video below.

Source: DigInfo via Dvice

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Just what we need ... robots experimenting with drugs. Don't they know it might lead to harder stuff? What are we going to do when the streets are clogged with homeless druggie robots terminating people just for a fix?

Joy Hughes

If you made the arm transparent to gamma rays you could sterilize it without worrying that something got past the seals.

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