Moxi HD DVR with three, count 'em, three tuners


November 25, 2009

The new Moxi HD DVR has three tuners and 500GB of storage which can be expanded to 6.5TB. It can come with a Moxi Mate for multi-room viewing

The new Moxi HD DVR has three tuners and 500GB of storage which can be expanded to 6.5TB. It can come with a Moxi Mate for multi-room viewing

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It seems that these days one tuner just isn't enough in a DVR. While not as huge as Sony’s Type X digital recorder with seven tuners and 1TB of recording space, the Moxi HD DVR has three turners (which is one better than most other PVRs, including the TiVo). This means you can record two shows and watch another, or, be prepared for that very rare night on TV when there are three shows worth recording simultaneously. Hey, you can even play back a fourth show and watch that while all that recording is going on in the background. And there’s no monthly or lifetime service fees with Moxi units.

The Moxi comes with a 500GB internal hard drive for 75 hours of 1080 HD recording or 300 hours of standard definition programs, but it’s expandable - up to 6.5TB for approximately 1000 hours of HD recording (with an external eSATA drive).

The Moxi Menu gives access through MoxiNet to many Internet services, such as Rhapsody, Flickr and online video from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube via DLNA server software such as PlayOn (currently provided at no charge) running on a PC. The system has remote and mobile browser scheduling to set recordings while away from home as well as Superticker - a ticker widget that provides weather, sports scores, and news along the bottom of the screen.

To take full advantage of recorded programs, the Moxi Mate unit (purchased separately or bundled with the PVR) allows for multi-room viewing.

Moxi has also reduced the price of its two-tuner and Moxi multi-room packages.

The two-tuner Moxi HD DVR sells for US$499. The “Two-room bundle” - three-tuner Moxi HD DVR plus one Moxi Mate - US$799. “Three-room bundle” - three-tuner Moxi HD DVR plus two Moxi Mates - US$999. Sold separately, the Moxi Mate costs US$299.

Via Moxi.


Hi, this sounds wonderful. It is certainly a step forward for DVR\'s. But Virginmedia have been supplying their V box with three tuners for some time now, I grant it could do with a larger hard drive, and maybe a slightly better operating system. But it is leaps and bounds over the Skt box.


I use a free product called \"MythTV\" which supports two (& I think more) TV tuner cards. Not sure if they have a Windoz version but I run Linux and can record two shows while watching a 3rd recording. It even has scripts to cleanse a recording of commercials. A little more complex to set up but BOY am I a happy camper! I\'m retired, handicapped, and have what would be called a poverty income. My only extra expense was a larger hard drive in the PC I already owned.. One of my \"techie\" sons gave me hand-me-down extra memory, and two WinTV cards! I could never afford a Moxi but it sounds great..

Will, the tink

It only works with cable, no satellite or over the air antenna.

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