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Compact MoveeGo camera rigs are designed especially for small camcorders


April 30, 2012

MoveeGo is a compact camera rig system, for users of small camcorders or smartphones

MoveeGo is a compact camera rig system, for users of small camcorders or smartphones

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There was a time not so long ago, when amateur film-makers were simply told, “If you want your footage to look professional, use a tripod.” While that advice still stands, the market is now being flooded with relatively inexpensive devices that allow basement videographers to smoothly execute camera moves that were previously only possible using Hollywood-style gear. One of the latest contenders in this field is MoveeGo, a two-device system that lets users of small cameras get SteadiCam-like handheld shots, or sleek tracking shots.

MoveeGo is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based product engineer Sylvain Lepoutre. It consists of two products, the SteadeeGo and the SlideeGo. In order to keep the cost down, Lepoutre is adopting a somewhat IKEA-like approach with them – all the parts will be premade and included, but users will have to put them together themselves.

The SteadeeGo is designed for use with small camcorders and smartphones, not DSLRs

The SteadeeGo is reminiscent of existing products like the Smoothee, in that it incorporates a gimbal-mounted handle with a camera platform above, and a counterweight arm below. Unlike products such as the Cam Caddie, however, it is intended specifically for use with small, light camcorders or smartphones, and not for DSLRs – this is because it’s designed not to require extra counterweights, which it would need if a heavier camera were used.

Because it comes disassembled, it can be taken apart for easy transport in a backpack, then quickly put back together by hand. As can be seen in the video below, it appears to do a pretty good job at smoothing out the bumps.

The SlideeGo, unlike its stablemate, will work with DSLRs. Like the SteadeeGo, however, it can also be taken apart for stowage and transport. A basic camera-platform-on-a-rail system, it’s similar to the GlideTrack SD and the mobislyder. One of its more attractive features is the fact that while offering a 36-inch (91.5-cm) rail surface when assembled, it packs down to a length of just 12 inches (30.5 cm). The platform runs on eight ball bearings – four are located on its underside, with four others engaging the sides of the rail.

The SlideeGo can be mounted on a tripod or laid on the ground

It can be mounted on a tripod, or laid on the ground. Examples of footage shot using it can be seen below.

Lepoutre is currently raising development funds for MoveeGo on Kickstarter, although he has already surpassed his funding goal. Pledges are still being taken, however – US$60 will get you a SteadeeGo, once they’re ready to go, while $70 will get you a SlideeGo. Retail prices are estimated to be $69.95 and $79.95, respectively.

Source: Kickstarter

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Will the SteadeeGo work with a Nikon P500?

Angus Wynne
1st May, 2012 @ 02:10 pm PDT

@Angus: the SteadeeGo will work with cameras weighing up to 1LBS.

I checked the Nikon P500 and it is weighing around 1LBS so it should work properly.

Facebook User
1st May, 2012 @ 09:57 pm PDT
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