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Triumph announces a 140bhp 2.3 litre MOTORCYCLE

Tuesday August 19, 2003: The revered British Triumph motorcycle marque has created a first, by breaking the two-litre barrier with a production motorcycle. The potency of this remarkable new motorcycle is captured perfectly by its name -' the Rocket III. Despite the three cylinder motor producing a whopping 140bhp it is tuned so that it produces prodigious amounts of torque at low revs...  Read More

Harley-Davidson 100th Year Celebrations

Saturday August 9, 2003: A quarter of a million Harley-Davidson riders from around the globe are expected to converge on the Milwaukee, Wisconsin from August 28-31 for the motorcycling icon's final celebration of its centenary year.  Read More

MV Agusta F4 Brutale & F4SPR make Australian debut

Friday July 18, 2003: MV Agusta 's exotic F4 Brutale S naked motorcycle and the high-performance F4 SPR model will be displayed to the Australian public for the first time in Brisbane on Sunday July 20.  Read More

Campagna's crazy T-REX three-wheeler.

Stand in front of it, and it looks like an exotic race car. Peek behind, and it looks like it's got a very large motorcycle up its backside. 0-60mph in under 4 seconds, with the elemental acceleration of a motorcycle, the cornering traction and roll-bar safety of a race car and the complete lack of practicality you'd expect from a machine bred purely for sports. Introducing Quebec's nastiest export: the T-REX from Campagna.  Read More

BMW's 1200GS gets (very) serious!

It’s now a quarter of a century since BMW released the R 80 G/S and in so doing created a new class of motorcycle – the large capacity off-roader. An ideal off-road tourer with great manners on a dirt road ithas not really had much more sporting pretence than that. Yes, it did win the Paris-Dakar Rally at different times but only through superhuman riders and massive machine development. Though the showroom machine has evolved through massive engine redesigns and a capacity increase to 1200cc, no-one in their right mind would seriously contemplate going into a harsh off-road environment on a BMW GS model for fun until now. The new BMW HP2 is a genuine large capacity, lightweight boxer-engined high performance off-road machine. How lightweight? VERY - try 175 kg dry!!!!  Read More

The Desmosedici GP5

21 January, 2005 Ducati’s MotoGP season got under yesterday on the Grostè glacier (at an altitude of 2470 metres) as the Desmosedici GP5 appeared in its 2005 livery for the first time amidst the spectacular Dolomite mountains in northern Italy. “The bike that Loris Capirossi and Carlos Checa will race this season is the result of an evolution, not a revolution of the GP4” explained Ducati Corse CEO Claudio Domenicali yesterday during the press conference. "We learnt from the mistakes we made last year, when we arrived at the first Sepang tests with a completely different bike from the previous version and with no chance of turning back.  Read More

And now ... the naked scooter

The Naked Motorcycle craze seems to be reaching epidemic proportions with the announcement by Honda America that its 2005 range will include a "naked" scooter. The Big Ruckus "blends the open feel of a motorcycle with the comfort and convenience of a scooter", according to Honda, though we have to wonder whether the new rugged good looks of the Big Ruckus will overcome the loss of the scooter's most appealing feature - weather protection.  Read More

an earlier prototype

BMW has shown a landmark new helmet system designed to reduce noise via noise cancelling technology inside the helmet and enable crystal clear voice communications and music. The helmet uses state-of-the-art materials (kevlar, carbon fibre) to create an ultralight, aerodynamic and very quiet helmet wind-tunnel tested to be the quietest helmet on the market. The helmet will enable communication with the pillion, or anyone via your bluetooth phone, or to listen to music clearly and wirelessly ON ANY MOTORCYCLE. The entire system is inside the helmet so it can be used on any motorcycle.  Read More

Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle Helmet

Motorola and MOMODESIGN have announced their first Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmet that will make it possible for motorcycle riders to scoot around town and stay connected. Built on the award-winning design of Motorola's popular HS810, the wireless helmet headset is the latest addition to Motorola's portfolio of Bluetooth products. The helmet is unfortunately only available in an open-face helmet at this stage, with the design drawing inspiration from air force pilots helmets, with carbon fibre detailing a prominent design element. According to the information available at this point, taking and making calls will be easy as all functions (answer, end, redial, voice dial and volume) can be made from the cover on the helmet.  Read More

Harley MP3 gives new meaning to Solid State

The Harley Davidson brand packs a whallop - currently rated in the Top 50 most valuable brands in the world, it's most potent attribute is loyalty. How many other brands does one find tattooed on a customer's chest? So if you wanted a solid state, industrial strength, no-sissies, reliable, dependable, chromed MP3 player for your motorcycle, where would you go? The genuine Harley Davidson Road Tech MP3/WMA Digital Music Player is designed so it can be operated while wearing thick leather gloves while riding a motorcycle. The four large soft-touch buttons are back-lit and the unit has an illuminated LCD display so that if you really do need to take your eyes off the road to scroll through the playlist or turn it up for "Born to be Wild," you can do it at night too.  Read More

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