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And now ... the naked scooter

The Naked Motorcycle craze seems to be reaching epidemic proportions with the announcement by Honda America that its 2005 range will include a "naked" scooter. The Big Ruckus "blends the open feel of a motorcycle with the comfort and convenience of a scooter", according to Honda, though we have to wonder whether the new rugged good looks of the Big Ruckus will overcome the loss of the scooter's most appealing feature - weather protection.  Read More

an earlier prototype

BMW has shown a landmark new helmet system designed to reduce noise via noise cancelling technology inside the helmet and enable crystal clear voice communications and music. The helmet uses state-of-the-art materials (kevlar, carbon fibre) to create an ultralight, aerodynamic and very quiet helmet wind-tunnel tested to be the quietest helmet on the market. The helmet will enable communication with the pillion, or anyone via your bluetooth phone, or to listen to music clearly and wirelessly ON ANY MOTORCYCLE. The entire system is inside the helmet so it can be used on any motorcycle.  Read More

Bluetooth Enabled Motorcycle Helmet

Motorola and MOMODESIGN have announced their first Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmet that will make it possible for motorcycle riders to scoot around town and stay connected. Built on the award-winning design of Motorola's popular HS810, the wireless helmet headset is the latest addition to Motorola's portfolio of Bluetooth products. The helmet is unfortunately only available in an open-face helmet at this stage, with the design drawing inspiration from air force pilots helmets, with carbon fibre detailing a prominent design element. According to the information available at this point, taking and making calls will be easy as all functions (answer, end, redial, voice dial and volume) can be made from the cover on the helmet.  Read More

Harley MP3 gives new meaning to Solid State

The Harley Davidson brand packs a whallop - currently rated in the Top 50 most valuable brands in the world, it's most potent attribute is loyalty. How many other brands does one find tattooed on a customer's chest? So if you wanted a solid state, industrial strength, no-sissies, reliable, dependable, chromed MP3 player for your motorcycle, where would you go? The genuine Harley Davidson Road Tech MP3/WMA Digital Music Player is designed so it can be operated while wearing thick leather gloves while riding a motorcycle. The four large soft-touch buttons are back-lit and the unit has an illuminated LCD display so that if you really do need to take your eyes off the road to scroll through the playlist or turn it up for "Born to be Wild," you can do it at night too.  Read More

Benelli's new motorcycle: TNT

Benelli's new TNT motorcycle is named after the Trinitrotoluene explosive. The bike is Benelli's take on the streetfighter class of unfaired, minimalist and mean, high performance machines and it is one of the most visually aggressive motorcycles yet created. It has its origins in the Benelli Tornado three cylinder superbike but is its own entity, despite the similar engine. The stroke has been increased from 49.2 mm to 62 mm giving the new engine a displacement is 1131 cc.  Read More

Go for Gold: The new customised Buell

The most distinctive motorcycle brand on the planet hardly needs much customisation, but Buell recently unveiled a one-off gold-plated version of the Lightning XB9S. Nine carat gold paintwork and a myriad of clever parts have transformed the American motorcycle into a street machine that oozes attitude and is stunningly beautiful at the same time. Meticulously built for Buell in Australia by Sydney enthusiast Paul Bailey, the aim was to create a street machine that had no equal and that would turn heads because of its originality and stunning finish.  Read More

BMW enters the high-performance motorcycle market

BMW's K1200S is the first model from BMW to directly address the ultra-high speed sports bike market dominated by the "big four" Japanese manufacturers. The new K1200S high performance sports bike began production on the June 1, 2004 with more performance credentials than any previous BMW two-wheeler - 167 horsepower and a top speed in excess of 300kmh.  Read More

Mobiledesk is an office desk designed for the car

A new mobile office desk designed to occupy a car passenger seat promises a whole new world of organisation, productivity and safety for travelling professionals who do most of their work from behind the wheel of a car. Anyone who has ever seen their briefcase go sailing into the footwell, or hunted around the car for lost documents, will recognise the potential of the AutoExec mobile desk in enabling travelling professionals to be properly organised when carrying their office in their car.  Read More

Buell XB12S Lightning - something completely different

The Buell XB12 Lighting is quite unlike any other roadgoing motorcycle, though it draws a logical comparison with the Cagiva Xtraraptor and Ducati Monster. All three involve massive fuel-injected v-twin motors with minimalistic styling, but the Buell does it differently … very differently. For starters, it has 20% more engine capacity, and produces more torque delivered lower in the rev range than its competitors. The real trickery behind the Buell is not the engine though – it is the radical forged aluminium chassis. The fruit of countless hours of computer simulation of the stresses which motorcycle chassis’ undergo, it is as rigid as it looks, and doubles duty as a petrol tank, while the massive swinging arm also multi-tasks as the oil tank.  Read More

Aprilia didn't enter racing until the late eighties, winning its first GP in 1987, its fir...

It's the closest thing you'll find to a genuine Grand Prix racing machine on the road, be it two wheels or four. The Aprilia RS250's 250cc two-stroke motor produces in excess of 60 brake horses, giving it a specific output of 240 bhp per litre - more than the fastest MotoGP bikes and on a par with F1 engines. And it's the last one - the fire-breathing two-stroke racer-roadster is about to become extinct. The next batch of Aprilia RS250 road bikes will be the last. Ever!!!!  Read More

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