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Petronas FP1 Roadster

Sunday November 9, 2003: One of the most exclusive road motorcycles in the world went on sale recently when Petronas' highly-publicised FP1 roadster was released at GALERI PETRONAS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Read More

The G-Strider

Saturday November 1, 2003: Suzuki has released details of the futuristic G-Strider concept motorcycle which showed the world's first pictures of last week. The G-Strider is as interesting and radical as it looks, and in many ways it builds on the direction taken by the Burgman 650cc scooter...  Read More

Aprilia 2004 RSV 1000 R Factory arrives

Thursday October 30, 2003: The latest Aprilia supersport bike is an enhanced RSV 1000 R that brings together a twin V60 Magnesium engine and new RSV 1000 R settings with special ultra-light materials and quality production components to bring the Factory model up to track-riding standards.  Read More

KTM Superbike Concept RC8

Wednesday October 29, 2003: The RC8 Concept Bike is a statement of KTM's long term vision for the road that employs innovative design to achieve a radical concentration of its mass around the compact 75' V2 engine.  Read More

Radical Concepts:
 The Yamaha FC06

Thursday October 23, 2003: Three radical new bike designs from Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki respectively, plus two fuel-cell bikes from Yamaha are among the gems in-store when the 37th Tokyo Motor Show kicks-off on Friday.  Read More

Landmark machine?

Saturday October 11, 2003: Kawasaki has shown a concept machine at the Milan motorcycle show which may yet turn out to be a landmark machine because it can be changed into different modes. The ZZR-X concept machine is billed as the "ultimate high speed tourer", offering high speed comfort and brilliant handling performance.  Read More

KTM 1000cc v-twin roadster

Friday October 10, 2003: For the last thirty years, the Austrian KTM brand has been known for outstanding dirt bikes. Light weight, usable power and fantastic suspension were the hallmarks of the brand which has won numerous motocross and enduro titles across the world over the last 30 years.  Read More

Dodge 500hp Tomahawk replica to go on sale

Monday October 6, 2003: DaimlerChrysler has announced that a hand-built replica of the Dodge Tomahawk concept - the monstrous four-wheel motorcycle first revealed at the North American International Auto Show in January 2003 - is to go on sale at a price of US$555,000. "Unconventional" doesn't begin to describe the extreme engineering showcased in the Tomahawk...  Read More

Kawasaki releases the 160 bhp Ninja ZX-10R Supersport

Saturday August 30, 2003: Kawasaki Heavy Industries dropped several bombshells on the motorcycle world this week with the announcement of the 160 bhp Ninja ZX-10R Supersport and a 2053cc version of its Vulcan V-twin cruiser.  Read More

Triumph announces a 140bhp 2.3 litre MOTORCYCLE

Tuesday August 19, 2003: The revered British Triumph motorcycle marque has created a first, by breaking the two-litre barrier with a production motorcycle. The potency of this remarkable new motorcycle is captured perfectly by its name -' the Rocket III. Despite the three cylinder motor producing a whopping 140bhp it is tuned so that it produces prodigious amounts of torque at low revs...  Read More

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