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Suzuki's 2008 RM-Z450: electronic fuel injection first for motocross

By - July 3, 2007 3 Pictures
July 4, 2007 In a move that will see other manufacturers scrambling to keep pace, Suzuki has announced the first production motocross machine to feature electronic fuel injection. Developed in the automobile industry throughout the 1970’s and first introduced to road bikes in the early 1980’s in models such as Honda’s CX500TURBO, fuel injection offers better roll on power and improved low-to-mid range delivery. The new system featured in the 2008 RM-Z450 has been tested by Suzuki's factory riders and given the ultra-competitive nature of the motocross environment, where having a bike that's not capable of winning is just not an option, it’s almost certain that fuel injection will become standard throughout the motocross market in the not too distant future. Read More
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Pikes Peak - going sideways at 100mph towards a 3000 ft drop

July 3, 2007 The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest automotive motorsport event in the United States. An annual happening since 1916, the race takes place on July 21 when very brave riders and drivers attempt to scale this 12.42-mile (20-km) course that begins at 9,390 feet (2,862 metres) and finishes at the 14,110-foot summit (4,300 metres) of the spectacular Pikes Peak Mountain. One rider’s experiences: “At the speeds we are going now the road gets very skinny, and at the edge is a 50-3,000-ft drop-off! I was battling for the lead one year when my handlebars got locked with the other rider’s. We were going about 100 mph (160 km/h) towards this turn with a 3,000-ft drop on the outside. At the last second we were able to break apart and turn…...” Read More
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evDaytona: battery powered sportsbike does 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds

By - July 2, 2007 11 Pictures
July 3, 2007 Although the technology is still relatively new, motorcycles are emerging as a great platform for the launch of the electric engine revolution. While high-powered, light and compact electric engines (like the 350hp monster Killacycle Drag Bike) are already available, battery range has typically been an issue. This is perhaps more acute in relation to electric cars, whereas motorcycles are often used as joyriding fun toys and short-to-medium-range commuters, so a 100 mile range still leaves for plenty of practical and fun uses for electric road bikes. With major manufacturers being slow to put electric sportsbikes on the market, smaller enterprises are blazing a trail - like GoBike, who are awaiting DOT approval on a converted Triumph Daytona, with a max speed around 93mph, a cruising range of 143 miles, and a blistering 2.7 second 0-60mph acceleration time that should make it a blast to ride. Read More
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It takes two-wheels to beat the traffic

By - June 27, 2007 2 Pictures
June 28, 2007 Traffic congestion has to be one of the world’s greatest time-wasters and spending long hours at the wheel just trying to get to and from work is not only unproductive, it’s also very stressful. Now new research from the U.K. suggests that the best way to beat this problem (short of working from home) is to switch from four wheels to two. Analysis conducted by the RAC Foundation has shown that commuters could shave up to three hours off their weekly commutes by choosing a motorcycle or scooter over the car, with the biggest savings to be gained in Central London and the East of England. Read More
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KTM to debut new KTM 690 in Baja 500

By - May 29, 2007 2 Pictures
May 30, 2007 After conquering almost every competition frontier it has attempted, Austrian sport motorcycle manufacturer KTM is to attempt the famous Baja 500 and the Baja 1000 with a new prototype machine based on the LC4 engine, currently the most powerful series production single cylinder engine in the world. The LC4 was released onto the market in early 2007 in the form of the 690 Supermoto, which came through its baptism of fire in the Dakar Rally 2007 by dominating the event. In combination with the stable, extremely light tubular frame of the Rally 690, the 690 Baja combines the advantages of a very light and superbly handling Enduro machine with the stability of a rally machine. Read More
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Dainese seeks beta testers for helmet-to-helmet communication system

By - May 24, 2007 2 Pictures
May 25, 2007 In a move that could spell the end of meditative "zen" motorcycling, Dainese is looking for beta testers for their D-Nect helmet to helmet communication system, which allows riders and pillions as far as 400m apart to converse with each other on group rides. A limited number of purchasers of the new Airstream Course Infinity helmet, which features the innovative bluetooth/short range radio communication system, will be able to have direct input into the development of the system - and Dainese will shout all beta testers a bluetooth mobile phone for their assistance. Read More
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Triumph launches Street Triple

By - May 24, 2007 1 Picture
May 25, 2007 After much media speculation, Triumph has confirmed that the rumours are true. The brand new Triumph Street Triple will arrive in showrooms in November. Deriving its genes from the iconic Triumph Speed Triple streetfighter and Daytona 675 Supersport machine, the Street Triple is 675cc of pure unfaired aggression: lightweight, agile, and fantastic fun to ride. The bike will be unveiled to Triumph customers attending the Triumph Tridays event in Neukirchen, Austria on June 30. The bike will then receive its official press launch, including a full release of the details, in early July. An official Street Triple microsite containing more information on the new bike will go live in late June. Read More
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Triumph Daytona 675 scoops Supertest and Masterbike awards again!

By - May 11, 2007 7 Pictures
May 12, 2007 Triumph's Daytona 675 has continued its insatiable award-winning appetite with victory in both the Supertest and Masterbike multi-bike comparison tests for the second year running. Both of the independent tests, held on Spanish racetracks, saw the Daytona 675 reign supreme despite being unchanged since its launch in 2006, a true testament to the bike's inherent qualities. Read More
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Pfeiffer in Red Square

By - May 6, 2007 2 Pictures
May 7, 2007 We’re obviously huge fans of stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer, so excuse us for being a bit indulgent and running these amazing pics. No Adobe Photoshop is involved whatsoever – that’s Chris doing his thing on his F 800 stunt bike in Moscow's Red Square. "Moscow is an amazing place and I had been doing some stunt shows for BMW Motorrad over there as well as some 'guerrilla' activity with Red Bull," said Chris. "I knew it would be quite difficult to get these pictures but luckily for me one of the guys from BMW had a contact with the local police - who all ride BMW bikes - and he had seen one of my shows, so we were able to get permission to make these pictures close to the Basilica with the distinctive onion domes on the Red Square!" People have been shot for less, and not all that long ago either! Read More
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Brough Superior trademarks going to auction

By - May 3, 2007 2 Pictures
May 4, 2007 Could another gleaming gem of motorcycling history be revived? The rights to the legendary Brough Superior brand will go to auction this weekend at the Legend of the Motorcycle Concours d'Elegance in California. After being out of production since the end of the second world war, the buyer would have a chance to resurrect the original luxury motorcycle; the Rolls-Royce of two wheels and the favoured steed of Lawrence of Arabia. Read More

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