Lazareth LM 847: The 470-horsepower, tilting 4-wheel motorcycle you've been waiting for

Can motorcycles undergo meiosis? If so, Ludovic Lazareth's LM 847 looks like it's got stuck in the process of cell division. Built around a gigantic, 4.7-liter Maserati V8 engine, this terrifying tilting quad bike picks up where the Dodge Tomahawk left off, with four single-sided swingarms, rim-mounted brakes, dual hub-centre steering and a bunch of other crazy touches. Oh, and 470-odd horsepower tearing up the bitumen through a single-speed viscous clutch automatic transmission.Read More


Video: A quick fang on Zero's 2016 FXS supermotard

When we rode the Zero FX back in 2015, we instantly proclaimed it "the naughtiest of all the Zero bikes" due to its aggressive, wheelie-happy attitude and light weight. As the only remaining dirt bike in the Zero catalogue, it's a cheeky little blighter of a thing and a lot of fun. For 2016, the team in Scotts Valley has tweaked it for the road and relaunched it as a separate model - the FXS supermotard. So, right after riding the Zero DSR dual sport, we took a brief fang on the FXS to check out its supermoto chops. Video included!Read More

Simple device tracks motorsport performance

The Italian-made Brain One is a standalone, wireless tracking system that is claimed to be easy to use, and designed for integration with popular action gadgets. The device is intended to appeal to the motorsport fan who wants to improve their skills – or settle the "who's the fastest" argument with indisputable, hard data.Read More

Victory boosts 2017 lineup with high Octane

The path that opened when a 1,200 cc V-twin prototype racer contested the Pikes Peak hill climb last June has finally led to the long-awaited production model from Victory Motorcycles. The Octane power cruiser juggles fiery performance on one hand, with entry-level pricing on the other.Read More

Video road test: Kawasaki's supercharged Ninja H2

In the latest of our video road tests, Kawasaki USA turns Loz loose on the extraordinary Ninja H2. It's the only current mass-market production motorcycle with forced induction – thanks to its chirping, tweeting, custom designed supercharger – and rather than posting killer lap times, it's designed purely to be the paragon of utter excess on the road. So if you've got the guts to twist that throttle to the stop and let the boost build up, you'd better be ready to boogie. Enjoy the video after the jump!Read More


Review: Kawasaki's supercharged H2 is an elegant artwork of supreme violence

From its signature silver mirror paint job and sci-fi looks, to its electric green trellis frame and Ninja star wheels, Kawasaki's H2 is all about shock and awe. And none of it shocks more than when you open the throttle and access the excess of a roaring, 200-plus horsepower, supercharged, 1000cc engine. Thanks to a fortuitous bit of timing, Loz was able to spend three days in California with the biggest, baddest, buckingest bronco in the Kawasaki stable ... and to answer the question: is the H2 quicker than the Lightning LS-218?Read More


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