Up to a second faster per corner? Motorcycle Innovation's futuristic front end

Front suspension on a motorcycle has always been a matter of compromise. Telescopic forks have stuck around for nearly a hundred years because they're the least bad solution we've found so far - but an Australian team believes it's finally built the front end that could relegate forks to the history books. It might look bizarre, but the Motoinno system is lighter, it maintains constant geometry, it turns tighter and you can dial in whatever rake, trail, and degree of brake dive you want at the turn of a spanner. It's so stable under braking and into a corner that Motoinno says it's up to a whole second faster through a single corner than the same rider on a GSX-R750. Too good to be true? Loz flew to Sydney to find out.Read More

Honda plans to produce the EV-Cub by 2018

The electric-powered version of the Honda Super Cub is slated to go into production in 2018, according to the company's new President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo. First introduced as a concept model in 2009, it will be initially offered only in Japan, before expanding to several Asian markets.Read More


Review: EsCargo electric cargo bike is one heck of a strange ride

I've tested some strange and wonderful vehicles over the last year or two, but this has to be one of the weirdest experiences I've had in a long time. It turns everything I know about handling a motorcycle on its head. The EsCargo is a cargo-carrying electric delivery bike prototype with a unique double-knuckle front suspension and steering system the puts the front wheel more than a meter (3.3 ft) in front of you, giving it some very odd steering dynamics and thoroughly confusing my motorcycling brain. We caught up with inventor Oscar Fehlberg in Melbourne, Australia.Read More

Ducati turns Multistrada 1200 into an Enduro

Just when you might have thought Ducati had tweaked the Multistrada 1200 as much as you'd think possible, the company took one more stab at it and created an Enduro version. True ADV riders may now have fewer reasons to question the Multistrada's offroad capability.Read More

It’s a windscreen wiper… For your motorbike helmet

Rainpal looks like a well-thought-out invention. It fits to just about any helmet, it gives you multi-speed visor wiping, wiper delay and visor cleaning spray, and it's tested up to 100 mph (160 km/h). It charges via USB and snaps off in seconds when the sun comes out. By any objective measure, it seems like a good idea. We're just having a bit of trouble getting past the dork factor.
Read More

Italian electric dirtbikes pack 2WD capability and ingenious smartphone dash displays

These two off-road electrics from Italy's Armotia bring some serious new chops to the table – for starters, two-wheel drive for extra traction on hill climbs and loose surfaces. But perhaps more interestingly, they're the first motorcycles to ditch the standard dash and replace it with a rugged, waterproof smartphone. That gives the bike access to inbuilt GPS, data connectivity, Bluetooth, a whole bunch of telemetry and other sensors, data storage, an unlimited range of display options, and easy recording and sharing of front and rear video from your rides. What a great idea! That could prove to be a revolutionary shift in the motorcycle business.Read More

Lazareth LM 847: The 470-horsepower, tilting 4-wheel motorcycle you've been waiting for

Can motorcycles undergo meiosis? If so, Ludovic Lazareth's LM 847 looks like it's got stuck in the process of cell division. Built around a gigantic, 4.7-liter Maserati V8 engine, this terrifying tilting quad bike picks up where the Dodge Tomahawk left off, with four single-sided swingarms, rim-mounted brakes, dual hub-centre steering and a bunch of other crazy touches. Oh, and 470-odd horsepower tearing up the bitumen through a single-speed viscous clutch automatic transmission.Read More


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