2016 BMW C650 Sport and GT review: Hunting sportsbikes on a maxi-scooter

BMW says its new C650 Sport and GT maxi-scooters represent its "urban mobility" range - but that seriously undersells the ability these things show on the open road. Sure, they're a great way to get passengers and luggage through city traffic, but with standard ABS and traction control, revised suspension and a focus on sporty handling, the C650 is more than capable of bagging sportsbike scalps in the twisties. Loz Blain went hunting.Read More

With its unique tilt/steering system sorted, Terracraft's Supertrike hits the market

Tilting three-wheelers are becoming more common, but there's nothing out there like this. Terracraft's SuperTrike gives you a pair of handlebars to control steering, but the tilt angle is chosen by an intelligent CoPilot computer system that keeps the cabin perfectly level over all sorts of undulations that would tilt a regular car around, and leans the trike into corners for a more aggressive and less nausea-inducing cornering experience. Now that the tilt/steering system is tested and proven, Terracraft is announcing it's ready to accept orders. Gizmag spoke with Terracraft's James "Wes" Abbott.
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Yamaha Yard Built winners show two-wheeled ingenuity

After the success of the inaugural 2015 competition, the Yard Built contest returned this year with European Yamaha dealers submitting their custom renditions of Sport Heritage models. More than 22,000 e-voters chose among 33 motorcycles to acknowledge the winners in four categories.Read More

Yamaha gives 04Gen concept scooter wings

Unveiled at the first Vietnam Motorcycle Show in Ho Chi Minh City, the fourth concept model of Yamaha's Gen series pursues an innovative approach to scooter dynamics and body structure that is based on the company's Refined Dynamism design philosophy. Instead of hiding the frame behind exterior parts, the 04Gen concept wraps them in semi-transparent parts that pivot up to give the scooter wings.Read More

MiClimate stops motorcyclists getting hot (or cold) under the collar

Being exposed to the elements as they are, motorcycle riders face the prospect of sweating through hot days under their leathers, or shivering as frigid winds blow through them on cold ones. There are some heating and cooling options out there, as well as air-conditioning units designed specifically for motorbikes, but not everyone is keen to strap one of these to the back of their bike. Enter MiClimate, a belt designed to keep bikers at a comfortable temperature without adding too much bulk.Read More


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