Review: Ducati gets back to basics with the charming Scrambler retro bike

The Scrambler is a radical departure from the sleek, expensive high-performance machines Ducati is known for these days. It's a small, humble, retro dual-sport machine with an 800cc engine, a modest 75 horsepower and a look so American you'd hardly believe it was designed in Italy. But this bike has been Ducati's biggest success of the year, single-handedly boosting global sales by more than 20 percent, so we've been very keen to get our hands on one. Last week, the stars aligned, and we had a chance to ride it. And yes, the Scrambler is nothing like any other Ducati in the range.Read More

Daredevil Robbie Madison surfs a huge wave ... on a motorbike

Red Bull and GoPro need to get their act together, because the #1 craziest extreme promo video on the internet today belongs to a shoe company. Representing DC Shoes, Australian motorcycle daredevil Robbie Madison has dropped into a massive Tahitian wave and surfed it – on a lightly modified KTM dirt bike. This is one of the most supremely ridiculous and jaw-dropping things we've ever seen.Read More

Honda's legendary Africa Twin returns

The brand new CRF1000L has been officially unveiled by Honda, marking the return of the legendary Africa Twin logo twelve years after the venerable XRV750 went out of production. The clean-slate design of new adventure tourer aims to keep real world off-road capability in mind without compromising touring comfort and everyday agility.

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Honda files patents for brand new, fuel injected two-stroke engine

Two-strokes are far simpler machines than four-stroke engines. They’re also lighter, easier to work on, and downright angrier, pumping out a lot more power per cubic centimeter of displacement, which has won them a lot of fans. But they’ve had a reputation for belching out a fair bit of smoke and unburned fuel, a situation that just couldn’t fly alongside tightening emissions regulations around the world, so they’ve fallen out of favour. But now there’s a glimmer of hope. Earlier this month, Honda submitted a patent application for a brand new two stroke motor that uses direct fuel injection for a cleaner burn and better piston cooling. We may yet see a resurrection of the ring-dingers.Read More

KTM and Piaggio receive EU funding to develop electric four-wheelers

The European Union is encouraging the development of modular electric vehicles that car drivers will find attractive for urban commuting under an initiative called Range of Electric Solution L-category Vehicles (Resolve). The public release of this project’s funding has seen KTM and Piaggio emerge as the prime movers in a project that aims to make efficient three- and four-wheel tilting narrow track vehicles a common sight on European roads by the end of the decade.

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ScarabRV camper inflates via remote control in 60 seconds

The ScarabRV is a new ultralight camping trailer that frees you to hit the road with room for two, whether you're traveling by small car or motorcycle. In contrast to the typical cranking pop-up, this trailer's tent inflates into shape within a minute of arrival. Easy to tow and easy to use, the Scarab is designed to take the headaches out of travel and camping.Read More

MV Agusta announces new 1000 cc platform

During an event commemorating late MV Agusta boss Claudio Castiglioni, his son Giovanni revealed plans for a new superbike platform that will spawn three new models in 2016. Based on a brand new 1,000 cc engine and a new frame, the boutique Italian motorcycle manufacturer announced its intention to restart an already successful superbike product line.

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