Gary Rothwell nudges 210 mph to break world wheelie record

From the world's fastest jet-powered shopping trolley to the world's fastest motorized shed, records were falling left and right last weekend at the final Straightliners Top Speed event of the year in the UK. Britain's Gary Rothwell took the opportunity to have another stab at the high-speed wheelie category. Disappointed that he failed to break the world record last month, Rothwell piloted his 540-horsepower turbocharged Hayabusa to a ridiculous 209.822 mph on the back wheel for over one kilometer to smash the previous record and set a sky-high mark for next year's contenders.Read More

BMW Concept Path 22 hints at R nineT Scrambler

Based on the R nineT roadster, BMW Motorrad's Concept Path 22 was created with the co-operation of renowned custom builder Roland Sands, artist Ornamental Conifer and famous board maker Mason Dryer. Initially built to spearhead BMW's presence at the Wheels & Waves meeting in France and currently on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the surfboard-hauling scrambled R nineT may well be the forerunner of a new model.

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Ducati Monster family welcomes its most powerful member – the 1200 R

Ducati broke out the first of its 2016 models during the Volkswagen Group Night, ahead of IAA 2015 in Frankfurt. The new Monster 1200 R boasts superbike performance levels to claim the title of the most powerful naked Ducati. Based on the 1200 S sibling, the 1200 R is powered by the R-version of the Testastretta 11 engine, with an output that exceeds that of the venerable Fighter 1098.Read More

Kawasaki to unveil new race-oriented Ninja ZX-10R superbike

Kawasaki has teased the forthcoming unveiling of its 2016 Ninja ZX-10R with a partial image and some rudimentary info. Scheduled for official presentation in October, the new superbike will be a race biased evolution of the current model in an effort to further cement its dominance in the World Superbike Championship.Read More

Dainese announces new stand-alone motorcycle airbag jacket

Air bags for motorcyclists have been with us for a while now – some are triggered by wireless commands from the motorcycle and some, perhaps less reliably, by a rip-cord type arrangement that inflates the air bag as the rider parts company with the bike. Ideally, the smarts for the airbag should reside in the jacket itself, be independent of any external control system, and activate specifically in response to the forces the body of the rider is subject to. All of these elements are present in the soon-to-be released Misano 1000 D-air leather jacket from Dainese.Read More

Can Dan Gurney’s Moment-Cancelling engine breathe new life into internal combustion?

American car racing legend Dan Gurney's patented Moment-Cancelling Four-Stroke (MC4S) engine features two counter-rotating crankshafts and an innovative intake system. With it, Gurney is looking to conquer the Holy Grail of internal combustion engines: reliability, efficiency and low emissions, all in a single design targeted at motorcycles, but which could also be used in cars, planes and boats.

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