MotoLOAD motorcycle loading system for light aircraft


February 16, 2012

The MotoLOAD winches a MotoCYCLE into an airplane using a cordless drill

The MotoLOAD winches a MotoCYCLE into an airplane using a cordless drill

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Light planes are a great way to get from A to B, but with the majority of small airports not boasting ground transportation services, getting from B to C can pose more of a problem. That's where the MotoLOAD system from Illinois-based MotoPOD comes in. Designed to slot into a small aircraft, the system makes unloading and unloading of some additional two-wheeled transport a simple job for just one person and their trusty cordless drill.

The MotoLOAD is constructed from welded aluminum tubing and can be inserted or removed from an airplane cabin in seconds, the company claims. Once in place, a MotoCYCLE custom aviation motorcycle with folding handlebars and pegs and no-spill plumbing is loaded onto a wheeled sled on its side with the front wheel removed. The sled is then winched into the aircraft using a cordless drill, guided into position on rollers, and secured with seatbelts.

MotoPOD currently has MotoLOAD systems available for Piper PA-32.34 series airplanes, with other models on the way. The system, complete with the lightweight, street-legal 223cc, 4-stroke MotoCYCLE, is priced at under US$15,000.

A video showing the MotoLOAD system in action can be viewed below.

Source: MotoPOD

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Great idea

Would take less room standing upright

Many small motorcycles available for convertion . no need to reinvent the wheel .

Paul Isserlis

Paul Isserlis

Nice idea, but I really don\'t think I\'d like to fly with a \"bomb on board\", that is, a tank of gas in the back seat of my airplane. Perhaps when they develop a lightweight electric motorcycle. Meanwhile, this great idea using a cordless drill could perhaps be used to load ATVs and such into the back of a pickup.


This is really very impressive. I\'ve looked around for transportation solutions for flying myself and I\'ve found that there is nothing else like this. There are foldable bicycles or scooters but nothing like this. You could put two people on this and take it down the freeway.

Plus, it\'s made in America!

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