MotionPower energy system testing expanded


August 3, 2009

Generating electricity from vehicles driving over small plates, MotionPower can be put to use anywhere that traffic flows

Generating electricity from vehicles driving over small plates, MotionPower can be put to use anywhere that traffic flows

When we first came across the MotionPower system prototype that converts the kinetic energy from cars driving over it into electricity, we mentioned we would keep tabs on the technology to see if it could make the leap from prototype to real world implementation. Well, the company behind the MotionPower system, New Energy Technologies, has taken the next step along that road by expanding the durability field tests of the device to include the Holiday Inn Express in Baltimore.

In recent weeks New Energy also announced plans to initiate durability testing of its MotionPower prototype device at a Burger King franchise in Hillside, New Jersey, which sees 150,000 cars pass through the drive-thru every year. These expansions add to the existing roster of high-traffic commercial test sites such as the Four Seasons Washington and will provide New Energy with data to help them improve the system for real world applications.

Generating electricity from vehicles driving over small plates, which move up and down, engineers have designed and built New Energy’s latest MotionPower prototype as an ultra-low profile, modular device that can be easily customized to varying lengths based on site requirements.

Once fully optimized for efficiency, engineers envision New Energy’s MotionPower device for cars and light trucks could be installed at high traffic locations such as toll booths, traffic intersections, rest areas, travel plazas, border crossings, neighborhoods with traffic calming zones and parking sites.

Last month, the company also announced plans to expand its product range with development of a brand new fluid-driven MotionPower energy harvester for heavy trucks and vehicles, complimenting the company’s newly-prototyped mechanical MotionPower system for cars and light trucks.

With an estimated 250 million registered vehicles drive more than 6 billion miles on America’s roadways every day New Energy engineers believe they have developed a way to generate ‘clean’ electricity by harnessing the kinetic energy of these vehicles that is presently wasted.

Once installed the engineers anticipate that MotionPower devices may be used to augment or replace conventional electrical supplies for everything from roadway signs, street and building lights, storage systems for back-up and emergency power, to other electronics, appliances, and devices in homes and businesses.

We’ll keep our eyes on the road as the New Energy MotionPower system continues its transition from prototype to real world applications.

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Would this not be stealing output from petrol engines? Seems it would only make sense in place where traffic HAS to slow down. Like entering a lower-limit stretch of highway entering a city. Still, if the motorists compensate with their right foot, the environment will be the one paying most. Or, have they found a way to get something for nothing?

Jan Klok
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