Monsterpod helps you out of sticky photo opportunities


August 11, 2009

The Monsterpod viscoelastic camera mount

The Monsterpod viscoelastic camera mount

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The elastic Monsterpod is a sticky solution for sticky photo situations. This versatile compact camera mount holds your camera when a tripod is unavailable or inappropriate and it can also steady your shot in low light conditions or for long exposures.

As unconventional as the Gorillapod (no relation), the Monsterpod resembles a small beanbag and is made of a viscoelastic polymer – basically sticky goo - with a swiveling standard tripod mount on the top.

Screw the Monsterpod to your camera and then press the Monsterpod onto nearly any surface. The sticky goo will grip tightly without leaving a mark. The manufacturers say the Monsterpod will stick to brick, glass, stone, and many more materials. It supports up to 20 ounces (0.6kg) and it will hold for up to ten minutes. To remove the Monsterpod, gently peel it off and store it in its carry case.

The Monsterpod is available from Photojojo for USD$30.


I guess it's called the "monsterpod" because it's made by "Monster"...but it should really be called "Sticky-pod"


Is it washable? I can see it picking up all types of gook and fluff during use - maybe that\'s where the \"monster\" description comes into play!


Have bought and tested it. What I had to change: 1. Bad ballhead totally replaced by a sticky one-manfrotto-part. Then added a real but small ballhead. 2. Mud is really a problem. Knead the material to make it disappear. Works! Avoid touching textiles. I dont know how to get rid of the red stuff from there. 3. Never trust Monsterpod to hold your camera. Test which cams on which ground will be solid. Maybe secure with a string, standing aside if it falls down. All in all its a real joy to work with.

I added a plastic-sheet-protection to the base, secured by a string. So you can put it on invironment without using the glueing-base. Earlier when they were still in business one could get replacements of that red-part. But price is now so low. Get another one. When i informed him about what should be improved he was not very amused... Michael Fotografiert
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