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MOLO aims to make microwaved food taste better


December 3, 2013

MOLO is designed to keep food moist in the microwave

MOLO is designed to keep food moist in the microwave

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There's an old trick to make microwaved food taste better: put some water in with it. This helps keep the food moist, but it's not necessarily the most elegant solution. The MOLO Moisture Lock Microwave Cover aims to take this old trick and streamline it, with a cover that integrates the water right into the top, preventing splatters while keeping food moist, all with the goal of making it taste better.

Basically, the MOLO cover is a standard plastic microwave cover that prevents splattering. Where it changes is with the steam chamber on the top. Users cook their food in the microwave as they would normally, but they add one to three tablespoons of water into the chamber. This helps circulate vaporized water throughout the food, and should help do away with that dry texture that microwaved items can sometimes have.

Dingware, the company that created MOLO, says that it can also be used without water as a standard microwave cover. As certain foods don't require the extra moisture, this seems like a smart design decision.

The product is dishwasher safe, and the steam chamber can be removed to make the cleaning process a little easier.

MOLO's creators are seeking funding on Kickstarter. It has just passed its US$10,000 goal with a little over a week left in the funding period. Backers who would like to receive a product in one of the four available colors can do so for a minimum pledge of $25.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information and demonstrates the MOLO with a dry, hard bagel.

Sources: Dingware, Kickstarter

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Can beer be used ? beer flavored lobster YUM. this will be handy for use in restaurants to use old stale bread, that would normally get tossed out, and you the customer wont no the difference. look how soft it is !

Jay Finke

I just wash off my cover and use it with out drying off the inside and only wiping the outside a bit.

The water drops are all over the inside and form a mist inside when zapped.

This also helps to keeps any food that explodes from sticking hard to the cover.

I did not know I should have considered a patent. It must be about 25 years old but still works great even with a number of cracks in the top.


Newsflash. Water is going to condense in an enclosed area like this no matter where it's placed. You have a dish? A glass bowl? Fine. You don't need this product. Keep a turkey baster out, filled w/water. Put a tablespoon or two on the dish or in a separate smaller container. Maybe you could order a bunch of those little paper cups they use for ketchup......

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