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Imprint Bicycle Grips take on the shape of the rider's hands


January 2, 2014

Imprint Bicycle Grips are designed to ensure a custom fit

Imprint Bicycle Grips are designed to ensure a custom fit

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If you've ever been thundering along on your mountain bike and suddenly had one of your hands slip off the handlebar, you'll know just how "unsettling" it can be. The guys at UK-based TMR Designs certainly know, which is why they developed Imprint Bicycle Grips. Utilizing a proprietary material, they can be custom-molded to the size and shape of each of your hands.

Depending on the model chosen, each grip consists of either a polymer or aluminum sleeve covered in the material, with a locking ring at one end and an end cap at the other.

Users start by putting the grip in hot (near-boiling) water, to loosen up the molding material. They then quickly dip it in cold water to cool off the metal components, then squeeze it in their hand to mold it. Next they return it to the cold water to set it, mount it on their handlebar, then finish by peeling off its mesh wrap – this leaves behind a grippy diamond-pattern surface texture.

The process can be repeated multiple times, if users want to change the shape of their grips.

According to the designers, not only should the increased contact area allow users to maintain a more secure hold of their bars, but the grips should also allow for more hand comfort by minimizing unyielding pressure points. That reduced pressure should additionally let the grips last longer, as they will wear out more evenly.

Along with mountain bikes, Imprint Bicycle Grips are intended for use on any type of bicycle with a straight handlebar. Funds are now being raised for their commercial production, on Kickstarter. A pledge of £21 (around US$35) will get you a pair of the polymer grips, while £30 ($50) will get you the aluminum version – when and if they're ready to go. The molding process is demonstrated in the pitch video below.

Potential buyers might also be interested in Ugli Gripz.

Source: Kickstarter

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Here we go again, another solution to a problem that doesn't exist unless you are limp wristed or a total prat!


Brilliant! If they get off the ground, a little thought and sales should spread into other fields like motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs etc - any machine that could benefit from better handlebar grip,

The Skud

This would be a pain after a period of time, on longer rides you tend to change your grip and position as your hand gets sore/ stiff. Also if you have twist shifters they would be arkward, the idea is good in theory but not in practice.

Gary Bonney

Got to agree with Gary Bonney. Personally I've never had my hands tire or slip off my Ergon GR2s and they allow a change of position even with the palm support (and there are versions without the bar-end)


a. unnecessary

b. how do you change hand positions?

c. sounds like the kind of thing that could have been done 100 years ago [[no i will not research it]]


Larry English

Nifty idea, but besides handlebar grips (which as @Gary points out might be suboptimal after a long enough period riding) I imagine hand tools (ratcheted screwdrivers and wrenches) would become more comfortable with customized grips.


This has been done before, I still have a set that came with a VHS tape from Bike Tite (a bike rack company). You heated them up and molded into shape. The diamond pattern is new and these look better, but no thanks.


Not for my money.


A good idea, but more suited for short rides. The quick mount & dismount is a plus, as well as the customize-able color.


Sounds like a better idea for golf clubs. Create the perfect grip once and replicate it on every swing.

Cecil Hutchins

Similar to this in crude form made out of rubber is already there in Indian market.

Thambi Thomas

This is meant for hand guns. I bet it would improve accuracy by 2X over distance.


what is the name of this polymer? i think its a great proyect

Daniel Velez
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