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Modus III aims to be a complete iPad workstation


August 26, 2013

A view of the docks on the Modus III workstation

A view of the docks on the Modus III workstation

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Tablets, and the iPad specifically, can be used in plenty of different ways. While some users carry them around as a method of entertainment, many others are using the devices as productivity tools. Modus is looking to take that even further with the introduction of Modus III, a workstation designed to make the iPad feel more like a computer in terms of functionality.

The Modus III features a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard that folds out when you want type. The keyboard can be placed in a few different positions, which is designed to make typing more comfortable. The position of the iPad on the docking station can be adjusted, so users can get the viewing angle that works best for them.

The device is not small, especially when compared to other iPad docking stations. The trade-off there comes from the extra functionality, which may or may not be suitable for all users. One example of the extra function is an additional dock on the side, which can be used for keeping smartphones charged.

The portion of the workstation where the iPad sits is removable, so when portability is a concern, users can have this part function just like a standard iPad protective case.

The device supports iPad 2 through 4, with the option to get an iPad 5 model later. It supports both Apple 30-pin connectors and Lightning, so it can be used with most Apple devices.

The Modus III also comes with front-facing speakers, which helps alleviate one of the iPad's biggest weaknesses – volume. It also includes a cargo area designed for carrying chargers, headphones, and other cables.

The designers of the Modus are seeking funding for their workstation on Kickstarter. The project is still a ways off from meeting its US$95,000 goal. Backers looking to get their hands on a Modus III of their own can do so for a minimum pledge of $169.

The pitch video below provides more information.

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A total iPad workstation yet I can click out of it and be on-the-fly? No brainer, backed it on Kickstarter, I picked the gloss white (see my handle name, lol)


I showed the Modus III to my son, a gamer, who is looking to buy a new laptop. He said if he had Modus III, he could buy an iPad instead, and have the ultra-portability of the iPad when he wants to go mobile... and the Modus III docking station for gaming... the best of both worlds!

Jo Lyn Cornelsen

Smart design, Modus III - I'll check them out on KS. iPads definitely need some help becoming a better tool for work - not just watching movies and taking notes. I'm over those attach-on keyboards. I like its phone dock too.


This is what I have been looking for. I am using my iPad quite a bit for work, and I love its portability, but when I get back to the office, I want to be able to work comfortably with a full size keyboard. I love how the iPad just clicks in and out, backed the project already.


Is it just me, but if you need all this stuff to attach to your iPad why not just buy a MacBook Air or any other laptop and stop mesing about with faddy tablets?


Voila! Now we have invented a stupid looking laptop with a tiny screen! I was wondering how long it would take for this piece of junk to come around.

This is the kind of garbage we see when the engineers are sent home and marketing takes over.


This concept (forgoing their specific design) has the same problems that Windows 8 on a laptop/desktop has and that is for the most part, touch its pointless in this configuration. Heck, this setup might even make a little bit more sense if you had Android as it has build in mouse ability but iOS is stunted in this way unless you jailbreak and run a hack bluetooth stack.

I also agree with the comment about the screen size. I have a Surface RT and love it as a tablet but using it as a laptop replacement is very limited with its small screen size (Note: using the RT or any other mobile OS as a laptop really only works well if you are remoting into a real computer which is my use case).

Rann Xeroxx

I have two similar products, keyboard organizer with RESTT. one is up on a fundraising site, http://www.crowdsupply.com/my-key-o/5-in-one-executive-restt-for-apple

If my fundraising does not work I will tool the lower cost tooling one anyway, the silicone one. So it would be available in a few months.

I have one in production on my company site myKeyO or at amazon with free shipping. Just search RESTT with the two TTs and you will find it.


Thank goodness for the designers of Modus III. I don't know about you, but I am tired of crappy iPad keyboards and flimsy stands. Modus III is will finally support me being productive on my iPad... can I hear a hallelujah!

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