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Review: Soaking up sunlight with the Solartab solar charger

Solar panels come in a variety of guises designed to appeal to consumers looking for greener, plug-free ways to fuel electronics on the go. Prominent among these is Solartab, a portable solar charger and back-up-battery that hit the market in 2015 following a Kickstarter campaign in which it raised more than double its funding goal. We spent some time in the sun to see whether it was up to the task of keeping our devices happy and powered.Read More

The best of CES 2016

Every year CES has more to offer than any one human being could possibly digest in one week. We waded through the torrent of tech gear to bring you our picks for the most interesting, innovative and just plain fun tech in fields like transportation, VR and wearables. This is Gizmag's Best of CES 2016.Read More

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: Hands-on

The highlight of Samsung's CES 2016 announcements was a 2-in-1 that combines the light and thin form factor of Samsung's Galaxy Tab series with software that allows it to be a legit work machine. The Galaxy TabPro S looks like a promising Surface Pro 4 rival – and one less reason to bother with an iPad Pro.Read More

i-Blades smart cases will deliver on-the-go entertainment

i-Blades and IdeaNova Technologies have announced a video distribution and playback system designed to give media companies and movie studios an "on-the-go" entertainment delivery mechanism for mobile device users. The mobile content platform will allow anyone using the i-Blades smartcase's "content blades" to store up to 100 HD-quality, DRM-protected, feature-length movies, then view them on a smartphone using the IdeaNova INPLAY technology.Read More


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