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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: Hands-on

The highlight of Samsung's CES 2016 announcements was a 2-in-1 that combines the light and thin form factor of Samsung's Galaxy Tab series with software that allows it to be a legit work machine. The Galaxy TabPro S looks like a promising Surface Pro 4 rival – and one less reason to bother with an iPad Pro.Read More

i-Blades smart cases will deliver on-the-go entertainment

i-Blades and IdeaNova Technologies have announced a video distribution and playback system designed to give media companies and movie studios an "on-the-go" entertainment delivery mechanism for mobile device users. The mobile content platform will allow anyone using the i-Blades smartcase's "content blades" to store up to 100 HD-quality, DRM-protected, feature-length movies, then view them on a smartphone using the IdeaNova INPLAY technology.Read More

i-Blades smartcase aims to make smartphones "smarter"

As great as today's smartphones are, two of the biggest problems with them continue to be battery life and memory. Silicon Valley start-up i-Blades is out to change that with its smartcase technology, that it says can boost battery power up to 10 times and memory by up to 1 Terabyte. Read More

The 25 best Android apps and games of 2015

Another year has gone by, and these are the most significant, influential and impressive apps we've seen released on Android over the last 12 months. From high-octane gaming and on-the-go productivity to sedate puzzlers and music streaming, our collection of the year's best Android apps and games has something for everyone.Read More

The 25 best iOS apps and games of 2015

There are around 1.5 million apps for iOS devices available in the Apple App Store, and picking out the gems from the pile isn't always easy. To save you the time and effort of searching yourself, we put our heads together to bring you the very best apps and games released this year: no matter what your tastes, you should find plenty of useful and entertaining apps here.Read More


CAT S40 review: A rugged Android phone for the field

If we were still looking for evidence that smartphones have officially become a commodity, the line of ruggedized devices from iconic heavy equipment maker Caterpillar might just be that proof. We reviewed the Cat S40 Android phone to see if it offers a unique take on a rough and tough device or if it's just another phone with an unlikely brand name slapped on the back. Read More


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