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GoTenna review: Text and share your location anywhere, without a signal

Whether it be in the wilderness or at a crowded event, there is nothing more frustrating for many people than the dreaded no signal icon or "message not sent" being displayed on their smartphone display. GoTenna is a pen-sized Bluetooth device that is designed to keep your group connected to each other, even when there's no network around. We tried out a pair deep in the southern Rocky Mountains to see how they performed.Read More

Mobile sonar tech moves fingers off the screen

Using your big ol' fingers to perform tasks on a smartphone's touchscreen can be difficult enough, with the smaller screen of a smartwatch presenting even more of a challenge. It was with this in mind that scientists at the University of Washington created FingerIO. The technology turns mobile devices into sonar systems that are capable of tracking the user's finger movements on nearby surfaces such as desk tops, or even in mid-air.Read More

New face-reading apps determine your preferences for presidents and partners

If you wander into the installation at SXSW sponsored by software developer Krush, you'll be immediately taken by the elevated white pod spinning around in the center of the room beneath a black-and-white video-display ceiling. This is Moveo, Krush's melding of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with something akin to a flight simulator, or stand-alone roller-coaster car. While it's certainly impressive, the gizmo is really meant to draw people in and call attention to two new face-reading apps the company was demoing: Emotit For President and Heystax.Read More

Phone-charging hydroelectric plant fits in your backpack

About two years ago, Seoul-based company Enomad made news when it put mobile phone charging stations along the manmade Cheonggyecheon River that runs through the Korean capital's downtown. The stations used the force of the river to turn turbines and generate electricity. This year at Austin's SXSW festival, the company has demonstrated that it's been able to shrink the concept down to fit easily in anyone's hand – or backpack.Read More

5 features to look forward to in Android N

Just when we'd grown used to Google launching previews of Android at its I/O event in May, it decides to unveil the Android N preview early. These developer previews give app makers and users alike a heads-up about what's coming in the next version of the Android mobile OS, and these are the major new features we know about so far.Read More


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