Mobile Technology

Tiny lenses give smartphones big vision

Perhaps above all else, the smartphone camera triumphs for capturing the drunken antics of our friends. With the simplest of additions, though, our phones can be used for capturing a world so small that it is barely visible to the human eye.Read More

Nokia name to re-enter the world of phones and tablets

Remember Nokia? Surely you do, the brand used to make mobile phones. Tough phones that could take a beating, phones that could go for weeks on one charge. Gosh, those were the days. The Nokia name is coming back, thanks to a new license agreement that allows Finnish company HMD to sell phones using the name over the next 10 years.Read More

Experimental smartwatch has a movable second screen

Smartwatches may be less cumbersome than smartphones, but those little screens of theirs can only display a limited amount of content. We've already seen efforts to move the touchscreen control surface off of the watch, but researchers from Dartmouth College are taking another approach – they've created a prototype smartwatch with two touch-sensitive screens.Read More


2016 Smartphone Comparison Guide

Your process of buying a new phone doesn't always have to start and end with one or two brands. Sure, Samsung and Apple are the commercial leaders, and makers of some of the best phones out there, but our Best Smartphone of 2016 pick so far comes from HTC, a company that doesn't even do much (if any?) TV advertising these days. No matter which phone you go with, make the best possible decision by starting with this latest installment of our biannual Smartphone Comparison Guide.Read More

Microsoft Research anticipates the future with pre-sensing touchscreen prototype

The next generation of Windows phones and tablets could feature pre-sensing touch capabilities if work out of Microsoft Research makes the leap from prototype to production. The technology allows a touchscreen to anticipate touch input before you lay a finger on the display and register how you're holding the device to tailor context-sensitive menus accordingly.Read More


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