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HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

The two best smartphones of 2016 (so far) are the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 (though we're also lumping the Galaxy S7 edge, not pictured in this comparison, into Samsung's side of that conversation). These phones make for a tough decision, especially when you consider the HTC 10's intangibles that don't necessarily show up in specs sheets or features lists. Nonetheless, let's see how their features and specs line up.Read More


iPad Pro 9.7 review: An iPad Air in everything but name ... and price

Apple is still hell-bent on rebranding the iPad, as stagnant sales indicate that customers aren't drooling over tablets the way they used to. iPad Air sales stalling? Let's make a huge one that's kinda like a Surface! Uh oh, that one isn't setting the world on fire either? Here's a smaller version of that big one! Apple's increasingly cluttered iPad lineup today gives us an upgraded successor to the iPad Air 2 with a new name, a few new features and a questionable US$100 price hike. Apparently being the best tablet isn't enough anymore; Apple wants to frame the iPad as a do-it-all 2-in-1 as its path back to world-beating relevance.Read More

HTC 10 vs. iPhone 6s

From what we've seen of the HTC 10, this is a phone capable of getting Apple and Samsung looking worriedly over their shoulders, in terms of specs, design, features and overall experience. Here's everything that makes the HTC 10 such a seriously good flagship, compared with Apple's most recent 4.7-inch iPhone.Read More

Gizmag jobs – Mobile Technology Writer

Since 2002, Gizmag has been covering the latest developments in mobile technology, consumer electronics, science and transport. We're now one of the largest independent technology publications in the world, and we're looking for a US-based journalist specializing in mobile tech to join our global team.Read More

HTC 10 vs. HTC One M9

If you gave up on HTC after last year's meh One M9, then it's time to start paying attention again. The new HTC 10 is a stunning, refined and well-balanced phone – like a 2016 equivalent of the One M7, which was probably the best smartphone from three years ago. Though the HTC 10 is much more than the sum of its specs, let's how it compares to last year's One M9.Read More

Ten-core phone from China lays down processing gauntlet

America's Apple and Korea's Samsung may be dominating the smartphone market, but with manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei unleashing some pretty serious slabs of tech on the world, China is clearly angling for a spot at the top of the pile. Chinese manufacturer Meizu took a big leap toward getting there today with the announcement of their Meizu PRO 6 which, it claims, is the first deca-core smartphone on the planet.Read More

Oasis is lightest and thinnest Kindle yet

If you've ever held a Kindle Paperwhite or Voyage e-reader, you've probably never thought "Boy, I wish this thing could be lighter and thinner." The fact is, both readers are already comfortable to hold and use, and can pack in thousands of books in their slim form factors. But clearly the engineers at Amazon felt there was room for improvement and today they announced the Kindle Oasis, the thinnest and brightest Kindle yet.Read More


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