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Mobile Technology

Sanyo Gorilla NV-HD880FT”

October 26, 2007 Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is set to roll-out a new widescreen digital car navigation device that doubles as a portable digital television for use almost anywhere.  Read More

Apple iPhone

October 24, 2007 Did Apple upset its biggest fans in delivering a significant discount on the iPhone so soon after its record breaking launch? If you forked-out $600 for the sought after device in the first days after the release only to find the price dropped by a third just two-months later your answer might well be yes. But is it simply a question of dollars, or is there something a little deeper at work here - Gene Heratori at delves deeper into this question with an interesting discussion on the issue of what makes an early adopter tick.  Read More

Pantech-au A1407PT bone-conduction phone

October 22, 2007 Korean handset manufacturer Pantech have unveiled a bone conduction mobile phone that transmits sound to the inner ear using vibration. Not only does the ongoing emergence of bone conduction technology represent a solution for using phones in noisy environments, but it’s also a boon for the elderly or those suffering hearing loss for whom the use of conventional speaker phones is problematic.  Read More

Nokia N810 Internet tablet

October 19, 2007 Nokia has introduced the latest addition to their Nseries - the new N810 Internet Tablet - at the the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The pocket-sized, GPS enabled device allows users to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or over their Bluetooth mobile phone to make internet calls; check email; watch videos on YouTube or update a blog using the device's slide-out keyboard and 4.13", 800x480 resolution touch screen.  Read More

Wireless charging system

October 18, 2007 The idea of wireless charging is an attractive one - do away with messy cords and chargers in favor of a wire free charging pad that does the job for multiple devices by simply placing it on the pad's surface. The concept has been around for several years, but commercialization has been slow. Now WildCharge is offering a wireless charging system for Motorola RAZR phones with an adapter for iPod Nano just around the corner.  Read More

Super 99 Solar GPS Travel Recorder

October 16, 2007 Here's a clever device for those who return home from holidays with gigabytes of photographs but no idea exactly where they were taken. The dual-powered Super 99 GPS "travel recorder" features the ability to log up to 200,000 waypoints on your journey and supports Geo Tagging of photos along with the ability to share your location with friends via Google Earth. The built-in solar panel also enables the device to operate for up to 48 hours when enough sunlight is available.  Read More

Toshiba's fuel cell powered portable media player

October 10, 2007 Toshiba demonstrated their latest Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) technology at CEATEC Japan 2007 with the unveiling of a prototype version of the methanol powered Gigabeat multimedia player. Building on Toshiba’s previous offerings the new player can run for up to 10 hours on 10 milliliters of methanol, longer than would be possible using a similarly sized conventional battery. The prototype integrates the fuel cell power plant into the back of the player - which runs on nearly 100% methanol - and discharges the vapor created through natural evaporation. Besides playing music and video, the player is equipped with a TV-tuner and features a capacity meter for tracking the amount of fuel you've got left.  Read More

Motorola i425t iDEN

October 10, 2007 Mobile service provider Boost has added Motorola i425t and i425e handsets – billed as the slimmest iDEN network Walkie-Talkie phones ever – to its self-branded cell phone offering. The 1/2" thick, 3.88 oz handsets are a “candy-bar design”, but if this is your idea of a candy-bar you might well go hungry.  Read More

Sharp shows the future of touch screens for micro devices

October 3, 2007 Sharp yesterday began publicly demonstrating a new technology that could have far reaching effects on the way we interact with the mounting tide of mobile information available to us through diminutive devices such as smart phones, PDAs, cameras and UMPCs – the marriage of sensing function with an LCD screen is not new, but Sharp’s technology puts an optical sensor into each pixel enabling the screen to become a multiple touch-point screen and a scanner.  Read More

AnyTrack GPS-130

October 2, 2007 Real-time GPS tracking device and service provider Anytrack has announced two new products for both business and consumer markets designed to keep track of everything from important cargo to vehicles, pets... even grandpa.  Read More

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