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Mobile Technology

COWON A3 portable media player

December 17, 2007 COWON America, Inc. has announced the shipment of their new A3 portable multimedia player. Featuring a wide-range of high-end audio/video capabilities, the A3 incorporates direct recording from external A/V devices such as a TV, VCR or camcorder and high-definition video decoding for viewing on the unit’s 4-inch widescreen 16-million color, 800x480 (WVGA), TFT LCD display. Digital video performance is optimized courtesy of the latest Texas Instruments DaVinci DM6441 digital media processor and hard-drive capacity has been upped from the maximum 30GB, found in its predecessor the A2, up to 60GB.  Read More

Toshiba's SCiB Super Charge Lithium ion Battery

December 13, 2007 Toshiba have stunned the world with their announcement of what's pretty much the holy grail in Lithium battery technology – the Super Charge ion Battery, which recharges up to 90% of its energy in just five minutes, and has a lifespan of over 10 years. Slow charging has been the key hurdle to public acceptance of battery-electric vehicles as viable distance travelers, so this breakthrough has all sorts of implications for the automotive industry as well as being a very welcome upgrade to a whole host of other portable devices.  Read More

Platinum coated iPhone

December 11, 2007 Goldstriker International have announced new additions to their expanding range of luxuriously finished consumer electronics showpieces which include a 24ct. gold plated iPhone. The company's new Power of Platinum collection makes some of the world’s most sought after gadgets even more desirable by coating them in the world’s most precious metal.  Read More

IDAPT innovative adapter

December 10, 2007 As portable devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and handheld gaming devices proliferate in the home, so too do the number re-chargers and cables adding clutter to our benchtops. The latest solution to cross the Gizmag desk is the IDAPT "innovative adapter", a convenient multi-purpose charger with interchangeable connections that enables simultaneous charging of a wide range of mobile devices.  Read More

Garmin Street Pilot c550

December 7, 2007 Sick of leafing through travel guides planning your next tour? Now you can be informed about hundreds of historical sites without leaving the comfort of your car. Inspired by hand-held audio guides, the RoadTour SatNav application marries GPS functionality with a lesson in history, alerting drivers to places of historical interest as they motor through the countryside.  Read More

Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter

December 6, 2007 It is estimated that 93 million camera phones will be sold by 2011* and while in-built camera technology has improved dramatically, the process of transferring images from your phone to your PC can still be little complicated. Belkin's latest solution is a Bluetooth USB Adapter that wirelessly transfers full-resolution photos from your camera phone directly to your PC.  Read More

Biometric protection - GoPal P4425

December 4, 2007 Theft of personal navigation devices (PNDs) is on the rise with several European and US cities reporting that GPS devices are the most commonly stolen items in cars today. To combat this, MEDION AG and AuthenTec have announced the launch of the world’s first personal navigation device to use a fingerprint sensor to enhance user security and deter device theft.  Read More

Sony Ericsson P1i

December 3, 2007 Sony Ericsson has expanded the company’s P-series smartphone range with the release of the P1i. Building on the feature set of earlier models, the Sony Ericsson P1i supports a range of push corporate and consumer email, is WLAN and VoIP enabled and supports connectivity via hi-speed 3G and WiFi. Designed as a complete mobile office solution with its compact size and multimedia capabilities, the P1i is powered by the Symbian operating system (v9.1) and UIQ 3.1, an open platform based on Symbian OS v9.2.  Read More

LG Viewty - 120 fps video capture

November 26, 2007 With most camera phones able to capture video at either 15 or 30 frames per second (fps), LG Electronics has made a big leap forward with the unveiling its new LG Viewty (KU990) mobile phone- a handset that sports advanced digital camera features and the ability to record video at up to an impressive 120 fps. This allows users to seamlessly watch "DVD-like" content, even in slow motion. Like the recently announced Nokia N82 the LG Viewty also boasts a 5.0-megapixel camera and xenon flash, adding strength to the argument that camera phones are now a serious option for those looking to ditch their dedicated camera for the convenience of carrying only one device.  Read More

November 22, 2007 As social networking explodes around the world so have the number of applications designed to make users' lives easier when interacting online, particularly in relation to sharing videos and photos. With options now abounding for the budding social networker - from Facebook to YouTube, Flickr and endless others - ShoZu has announced a new picture messaging/MMS service that offers simultaneous transfer of your latest camera phone snapshots to your Facebook page, personal blog and best friend’s email without creating multiple messages.  Read More

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