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Say hello to cheaper calls with Skype for iPhone

Up until recently iPhone users wanting to cut their phone bills by using Skype have been forced to use third-party solutions, such as fring or IM+ for Skype. But with the official Skype for iPhone app now available free, such third-party offerings are likely to become less popular. Skype for iPhone does pretty much what you think. It lets Skype users make free calls to fellow Skype users, using a Wi-Fi network, as well as allowing the use of Skype accounts to make reduced-price calls to traditional landline phones.  Read More

The Podio has speakers at the front and control buttons at the back and its exterior is a ...

Taiwanese-based Agios Technology Company has spent two years developing the Podio - a portable digital Hi-Fi player made specially for bikes, but not exclusively. The cylindrical, pocket-sized music machine has been designed to produce a clear, natural sound, which is intended to be listened to without the need for earbuds.  Read More

The Sixth European Satellite Competition

The Sixth European Satellite Competition is an annual search for the best application ideas for satellite navigation. In recent years, the winning innovations have included a rescue system for persons who have fallen overboard at sea; a mobile, GPS-supported social network; a mobile phone-based guidance system that aids more economical driving; a remote monitoring system for recovering heart patients; a Web 2.0 platform that delivers location-based videos in real time; and a flood prediction system. It's not quite American Idol for entrepreneurs, but there are many similarities. Apart from the monetary prize, success in the competition paves the way to market for your talents, with significant partners. Entries open May 1.  Read More

HTC Dream vs BlackBerry Bold vs iPhone 3G

Smartphones can seem just that bit too smart when you're trying to decide which one to buy - so many features and no way to thoroughly test them until money has changed hands and the shiny packaging is all over your kitchen floor. To shed a little light on the subject, Tim Hanlon over at The Mobiler has spent the last six weeks tirelessly hammering away at three standout Smartphones - the BlackBerry Bold, the iPhone 3G, and the HTC Dream (or T-Mobile G1). From web browsing and delivery times to spam filtering, keyboard performance, creating music playlists and much more, here's how they measure up.  Read More

The Orbita Sparta Mini is a compact single-watch winding device that is both affordable an...

As the name suggests, automatic or self-winding watches wind themselves using a moving weight mechanism inside the watch. All well and good if you are wearing your watch everyday, but if you happen to have a collection, you'll often find yourself faced with the fiddly task of manual winding and resetting features like perpetual calendars - a difficult job for large unwieldy fingers (men) and delicate fingernails (women) - which is where watchwinders come in. This one, the Sparta Mini from Orbita, is for the ladies.  Read More

Nero Gold handset in mixed metal

The words “global economic downturn” are not are part of luxury phone maker Bellperre’s vocabulary, as evidenced by the release of its new high-end Nero Gold series. The Netherlands based company offers handcrafted tailor made handsets using “0% plastic”, and has now added even more precious metals and gemstones to the available mix.  Read More

The KissPhone

French freelance inventor Georges Koussouros was thinking outside the square when he came up with the KissPhone. Humans already interact synchronously with voice, text and video, and there's a whole science developing behind closed doors called Teledildonics, which is about remote sexual interplay. The KissPhone fits somewhere in between and has a mouth which you kiss - it subsequently measures the pressure, percussion speed, temperature, and sucking force of your mouth, transmits those same parameters to the remote user's Kissphone where it recreates your kiss for your teleparamour.  Read More

Not a wire in sight thanks to Bluetooth 3.0

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has officially launched the Bluetooth 3.0 + HS specification, which ups the transfer rate from a top speed of 3 Mbps for the current 2.0 + EDR standard to a rate of 24 Mbps. The SIG says latest iteration of the popular short-range wireless technology will enable the high-speed transmission of large amounts of data such as photos, music and even video between devices and has attracted interest from not only computer and mobile phone manufacturers, but also television manufacturers. The new Bluetooth 3.0 gets its speed from the 802.11 radio protocol with the inclusion of the 802.11 Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL) providing increased throughput...  Read More

Driving precision: the Meccaniche Veloci carbon fiber wristwatch

For many years now the Formula 1 industry has championed the use of carbon fiber as a superior material for creating a competitive edge. With the current buzz surrounding the Moto GP and the Ducati carbon-framed Desmosedici GP9, it seems only timely that two other Italian companies should unveil the world's first carbon fiber encased wristwatch, the Quattro Valvole CCM.  Read More

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