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The lucrative business of text messaging

December 29, 2008 What’s fair and reasonable pricing behaviour in business? There’s an excellent NYT article entitled “What Carriers Aren’t Eager to Tell You About Texting” which might encourage you to think about this next time you send a text message. The cost to the Telcos of sending text messages is negligible because the space-limited texts ride for free inside a control channel reserved for operation of the wireless network - so every cent of the 20 cents you pay for a text message is profit to the Telco. Gartner reports there were 1.9 trillion text messages sent in 2007, 2.5 trillion in 2008, and an anticipated 3.3 trillion in 2009. Our normal concept of fair pricing considers products whose costs rise proportionally to volume. Author Randall Stross points out that the cost of text messaging in the United States has doubled in the same period.  Read More

Notebooks ship more than desktops for the first time

Third quarter computer shipment figures are just in and we have finally passed a significant albeit inevitable milestone on the road to ubiquitous mobile computing and connectivity - the notebook has finally taken over from the desktop as the most popular computing platform, Fuelled by the success of the exploding netbook market, global notebook PC shipments rose to 38.6 million units in Q3 while desktop PC shipments declined 38.5 million units. In taking over as the primary computing form factor, the notebook is probably just holding the baton for a few years before its constituent sub-set of netbooks dominates the market. The emergence of the cut down, lightweight, cloud computing netbook has been the big story of 2008. Just 500,000 netbooks were sold in 2007, yet over 10 million will be sold this year and IDC predicts 40 million units by 2012. It has taken just 60 years to squeeze a computer which filled a room into a usable form factor of less then 1 kilogram and a price less than a weekly wage. One wonders what the next decade holds in store for us.  Read More

The $99 iPhone 3G is here

December 28, 2008
Now available for $99

While rumors of Wal-Mart selling a 4GB iPhone for $99 have recently been smashed, there's still one way you can get your hands on an iPhone 3G for under US$100 - provided you're not averse to compromise.  Read More

How iFart iPhone software makes US$10,000 a day

December 24, 2008 Tales of becoming instantly wealthy in the computer software industry were common a few decades ago, but the growth of online sales for iPhone apps via Apple’s popular iTunes App Store is starting to create a few overnight developer successes too. One of the stars of the last few weeks has been the iFart program – successfully digitising scatalogical humour, the US$0.99 app offers a virtual orchestra of flatulent effects (choose from the “squeeser”, the “wet one”, the “quack”, the “sick dog” and 16 more) and there’s a “Sneak Attack” function where you can set your phone up to trumpet rude noises a few minutes down the track. You may well scoff at the infantile humor, but thousands, indeed, tens of thousands of men are embracing their inner child and purchasing the application every day – sales revenues reached US$9000 a day on December 22.  Read More

US$15 Pogo Sketch turns MacBook Trackpad into pen tablet

December 24, 2008 It’s not often we report about potentially disruptive technology in a US$15 package, but that’s the way we see the Pogo Sketch. Made specifically for use with the newest MacBook multi-touch trackpad, the stylus is claimed to transform the notebook into a pen tablet for premium drawing programs and artistic applications. Without trying it, we can’t be sure it’s the real deal, but we acknowledge the massive potential of adding tablet functionality to any computer for just US$14.95. We recently raved about Ten One Design’s Pogo Stylus for the iPhone and iPod touch which uses the same special conductive tip to transfer the signal from the user’s hand to the capacitive touch screen display. Indeed, the Pogo Sketch can also be used on an iPhone and iPod touch too, so it’s potentially a game changer in our humble opinion.  Read More

iPhone running on a T-Mobile SIM

MuscleNerd from the infamous Dev-Team has publicly demonstrated the unlocking of an iPhone 3G, before switching to a T-Mobile SIM card and making a phone call. Dev-Team only has to package the software, codenamed 'yellowsn0w', into the slick, user-friendly form that you have come to expect from their QuickPwn tool and other software releases - and they hope to get this done in time for a New Year's Eve release. Click through for the demonstration video.  Read More

Parrot's MINIKIT Slim hands-free speakerphone

With the help of NXT flat-panel speaker technology, Parrot has managed to cram some useful functionality into its new slimline, three ounce, hands-free speakerphone - the MINIKIT Slim. The clip-on Bluetooth car kit synchronizes automatically with up to five mobile phones and uses Parrot's latest voice recognition and DSP technology with user-independent voice recognition and text-to-speech capability.  Read More

Mobile Spy software now for iPhone 3G

December 18, 2008 Without getting into the questionable ethics involved in spying on your employees, children and other supposed loved ones, Gizmag readers should be aware that there’s now some pretty hardcore technology available for monitoring what people do on their iPhone. Retina-X’s Mobile Spy has been around for some time for Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems but this week the iPhone app became available and it can silently monitor incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS) and call information and upload it to your private online account. Accounts can be checked online from any web browser without needing further access to the phone.  Read More

myPower provides electronic devices with a protective sleeve and an increased battery life...

Another solution for those looking for a little more up-time out of their iPhone, myPower is both a protective case and back-up power source which doubles iPhone battery life. myPower can fully charge in three hours, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod classic, iPod touch, and iPod video.  Read More

The Novatel Wireless MiFi

Widespread mobile Internet access is the next step along the road to complete connectivity and Novatel Wireless are hoping their new MiFi product line proves a vital stepping stone in hastening our trip along that path. The palm-sized MiFi enables users to access high-speed Internet from anywhere there is a cellular connection, including moving vehicles where multiple passengers may need Internet access.  Read More

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