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HTC launches Touch Diamond mobile phone

May 9, 2008 Drawing immediate comparisons with Apple's iPhone, Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC has unveiled its new flagship product, the HTC Touch Diamond. The new handset is the latest addition to the company's product platform which began with the launch of the HTC Touch in June 2007 and boasts an array of innovative features led by a 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D and enhanced web-browsing capabilities that enable one-handed zoom and panning navigation plus automatic rotation from a portrait to landscape view when the device is turned on its side. Housed in an eye-catching brushed steel casing with faceted edges, the handset also sports a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, 4 GB internal memory, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi 802.11b/g and integrated GPS.  Read More

Nokia's sleek new handset offerings

May 8, 2008 Nokia has unveiled three new mobile handsets - one folding and two sliding units - ahead of a planned release in the third quarter of 2008. With an emphasis on compact, minimalist design, the Nokia 6600 fold, the Nokia 6600 slide and the Nokia 3600 slide also boast some clever (if not completely ground-breaking) functionality aimed at making the phones easier to use. Putting the 6600 to "sleep" to reject incoming phone calls, for example, is achieved by tapping the cover of the twice and the same convenient process is used to "wake" the handset up again. The more distinctive charcoal and wine colored 3600 slide is also the first Nokia product to feature background noise cancellation.  Read More

Data-backup mobile phone charger

Losing or having you mobile phone stolen without having the contacts and other important information it contains securely backed-up is a sure-fire way to give yourself one very big headache. Given the fact that some of us are a little lazy when it comes to this task, but all of us have to charge our phones, this innovation makes perfect sense. The aptly named "Data-backup mobile phone charger" automatically performs the task of backing-up your contacts whilst your phone is charging, and not only that, the multi-talented device also acts as a portable power supply in case you run out of juice away from mains power, as well as a SD/MMC card reader.  Read More

The Samsung G800

May 7, 2008 Some six months after its introduction in Europe, Samsung has launched the G800 mobile phone in Australia. An addition to its high end Photography Camera Phone range, the 5-megapixel G800 brings features common in most digital cameras into a mobile phone including Optical Inner Zoom, Xenon Flash, Power LED, Image Stabiliser, Red Eye Reduction, Panorama Shot as well as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Face Detection.  Read More

The Smellophone

May 6, 2008
Folks, this isn't the Smellophone - it's simply an image showing one of conVisuals service...

In terms of the human senses, (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) we’ve already been able to synthesize pretty realistic visual, audio, and touch digitally, and we’ve previously written about research work in the taste area. Now a German syndicate has filed a patent for applications allowing users to send scents via cell phones, and expects the new capability will reach market less than two years from now with about 100 different prefabricated scents on the required chip. Not surprisingly, there are many applications for this technology, ranging from sweet smelling MMS greetings, to branded advertising samples for perfume manufacturers, to scent enhanced games for mobile phones and computers providing an additional sensory element for an outstanding gaming experience.  Read More

The new TomTom XL

May 5, 2008 Portable navigation solutions provider TomTom has announced their latest car navigation products – the TomTom ONE and TomTom XL which supersede the current TomTom ONE 3RD EDITION and TomTom ONE XL ranges. The new TomTom ONE comes with a 3.5 inch touch screen LCD, while the TomTom XL boasts a 4.3 inch widescreen LCD, for those who prefer a larger display. The new devices also come with a revised audio system and a completely redesigned body, including a folding mount. This new windshield mount, known as the EasyPort mount, can be left on the device and folded flat after use. The complete unit, including the mount, is then small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, bag or pocket when the driver leaves the vehicle.  Read More

Mobion Fuel Cell GPS

We’ve been writing about the coming of micro fuel cell technology to replace current lithium ion and similar rechargeable battery systems in hand-held electronic devices for a long time now, with prototype devices from Toshiba and MTI Micro being the most prevalent. While it’s been a long time in coming to market, fuel cell technology will almost certainly eventually prevail, so the showing of an embedded fuel cell prototype handheld GPS device at the 10th Annual International Small Fuel Cells Conference on the weekend is significant. Based on direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology, MTI Micro’s Mobion power packs promise an increase in run time (time until a recharge is needed) of between two to ten times over the status quo of existing battery technologies.  Read More

TAG's dual-screen Meridiist  mobile handset

April 23, 2008 If your Swiss watch has been complaining that it doesn't want to be seen in public with your mobile phone any more, you could do worse than check out Tag Heuer's first foray into the handset market. The Meridiist will feature high-grade steel casings, unscratchable dual crystal displays and nearly a month of standby time. Naturally it looks very classy too, but at up to US$6200, without any mention of 3G connectivity, it could be more a piece of palm jewelery than a serious telephone.  Read More

The Scroll hand-held design concept

April 18, 2008 The last decade has seen a meteoric explosion in the shape, size and functionality of hand-held electronic devices with all sorts of innovations from sliding keyboards to touch screen interfaces thrown at the feet of the consumer. Proof that we haven't yet seen it all, The Scroll is a blue-sky design concept that takes a format used by medieval town criers, turns it sideways and shoe-horns it into the 21st century by incorporating a mobile phone, hand-held computer, camcorder and sliding LCD screen.  Read More

AuthenTec introduce Touchstone packaging for mobile devices

April 16, 2008 AuthenTec has announced a thin, durable, waterproof, and surface-mountable covering for its TruePrint biometric fingerprint sensors. Known as TouchStone, the thin casing triples the protective coating over the sensitive technology, shielding it from accidental scratching by coins, keys, pens and anything else you may find in your pocket.  Read More

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