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Mobile Technology

Dual-mode Satellite-Terrestrial HSPA PDA

April 7, 2008 Elektrobit (EB) showed a dual-mode satellite-terrestrial HSPA handset at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas last week and it caused quite a bit of interest. It’s the first fully IP-based Quad-band GSM-satellite phone, has a touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard, integrated Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and GPS connectivity and is based on the Windows 6.1 mobile operating system. In the United States users will be able to seamlessly and securely connect via both the satellite and terrestrial components of the TerreStar network, which is the sole carrier at this stage.  Read More

Voice texting by-passes mobile keypads

April 3, 2008 Another notable announcement from CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas is MOBIVOX’s "Send Message", a mobile phone service that automatically converts voice to e-mail and short messages (SMS).  Read More

New Voicemail to Text service launched

April 2, 2008 The developers of Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition technology have announced Nuance Voicemail to Text, a voicemail transcription service that delivers high-quality readable messages to mobile devices at CTIA Wireless 2008. Offered through carriers, the service uses Nuance's speech recognition and transcription workflow solutions to convert voicemails left on any voicemail box into text. Transcribed messages are sent to users as SMS or email messages.  Read More

Samsung MyShot

April 1, 2008 Samsung has announced the availability of the Samsung MyShot (SCH-r430) and Samsung Spex (SCH-r210) through MetroPCS - a wireless broadband personal communication service provider of no long-term contract, flat rate, unlimited usage basis phone plans in selected major metropolitan areas in the US. The MyShot and Spex are MetroPCS’s first phones to operate on the 1.7/2.1GHz CDMA Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum, which promises current and future service providers the opportunity to provide wireless broadband services to millions of Americans, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, mobility and security through larger bandwidth allocation.  Read More

Stock Trading Mobile Phone and Bluetooth Remote Wristwatch

Sharp’s 920SH mobile phone with its swiveling 3.2-inch VGA screen launched in October in Japan and is eagerly awaited everywhere else. Adding further to the anticipation are two new innovations launched this week. The first is the Kabu Keitai 920SH YK, a specialized black version that enables real-time portfolio checking and online trading. The other is a Citizen iVIRT-M watch that pairs to the 920SH via Bluetooth, so incoming calls, mail, and news are available without fishing out the phone. You can take, reject or divert calls from the watch, use it as a remote camera shutter, and with 1000 address book entries, the contact details of your caller will almost always be posted on the screen.  Read More

ThumbKey model for hand typing

Dasur’s line of keyboards for touch screen PDAs and smartphones yields potential typing speeds of up to 50 words per minute – matching the average speed of a professional typist. The SlideIt keyboard for stylus users and the ThumbKey model for hand typing both support all versions of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.  Read More

CSR has announced MusiCore1

CSR has announced MusiCore1, the first fully featured single-chip for mobile phones that includes both a stereo audio processor and Bluetooth capabilities – saving 75% of the cost of an audio processor, and 36mm squared of space. MusiCore1 allows 100 hours of music playback, and can decode MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA and SBC files.  Read More


March 29, 2008 InventorSpot have reviewed eMotion’s new portable media player which is charged by solar panels built into the back of the device. The EM-SOL1GIG not only charges itself from the Sun, but with the use of a charger adapter the EM-SOL1GIG can be used to charge other portable devices such as mobile phones, MP3/MP4 players, laptops, digital cameras and other portable Lithium battery devices. The device supports a maximum SD card size of 2GB and files can be transferred on and off using the built-in SD card reader. The EM-SOL1GIG also comes with a long list of media capabilities including the ability to play music and video, display photos and books and play games – albeit on a 320x240 screen.  Read More

Gresso Avantgarde Collection: Luna Steel

March 27, 2008 High-end mobile phone manufacturer Gresso has added to its Avantgarde Collection with the release of the Steel series - two new luxury handsets that integrate aircraft steel into the slim-line design.  Read More

modu: the world's lightest mobile phone

March 26, 2008 The diminutive modu has taken the title of "World's lightest mobile phone" with the 40.1 g (1.41 oz) handset's claim made official by the Guinness World Records. Although it's a great talking point, the record is secondary to the innovation offered by the multi-tasking phone that will launch in Q4 this year. As the name suggests, modu is designed as a modular device that will be complemented by a range of "ecosystem partners" - interchangeable add-on enclosures that transform the appearance and user interface of the phone, as well as dedicated consumer electronics devices such as MP4 players, digital photo frames, car stereos and cameras that directly integrate the modu. In other words, modu is a mobile phone that also acts bit like a SIM card with a brain to form the basic building block in a potentially wide ranging personal communications and entertainment system.  Read More

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