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Mobile Technology

The ABnote-LAKS Smart Transaction Watch

November 23, 2008 Approximately 1.1 billion watches are produced annually and around three billion credit cards are issued, which makes the LAKS Smart Transaction Watch look like a significant market opportunity given that it combines both. Laks is one of the most innovative producers of wrist-worn gadgetry in the world, with specialty watches that track the phases of the moon, play Mp3s and even monitor fertility cycles to aid women in getting pregnant, so the ingenuity of putting a smart card into a wristwatch to readily facilitate contactless payments was probably a no brainer for them. Perhaps one day we'll all be wearing these things, though our money is on the mobile phone being the logical long-term winner as the platform for contactless payments.  Read More

The Bluetooth iPod/iPhone Adaptor

November 19, 2008 Everyone hates headphone cords trailing around everywhere and getting in a tangle, which is one of the reasons Bluetooth has proven so popular for listening to music from Bluetooth capable players and phones. For those whose phones and portable music players aren’t Bluetooth capable, RXS has released two new adapters, which add Bluetooth functionality to iPods, iPhones or any device with a 3.5mm headphone socket.  Read More

LaCinema Rugged with remote control

While retaining the same shock-resistant form factor as its predecessors, Lacie's latest addition to its Rugged line of portable hard disk drives is the first to sport an HDMI output for direct playback on HDTVs.  Read More

3M MPro110 handheld digital projector

The much anticipated advent of ultra-portable projector technology is upon us with new offerings hitting the market at a rapid rate. Early market mover 3M's work on miniature projection modules has crystalized the form of the handheld 3M MPro110, a 5.6 ounce unit measuring 4.5" long x 2" wide that can project up to a 50" image.  Read More

The (fake) MacBook Nano

For some, one of the disappointing aspects of last month's raft of Notebook announcements from Apple was the absence of even a sniff of a sub-notebook model in the offing. Well it looks like someone has taken matters into their own hands, turning wishful thinking into a blatant rip-off with a fake "MacBook Nano" fashioned from an MSI U100 netbook running Mac OS X.  Read More

The ClarityLife C900 Mobile Phone for Seniors

November 12, 2008 The ClarityLife C900 is a very simple mobile phone with large controls, so it’s not the sort of technology we normally eulogise about in Gizmag. It’s key difference is that it has been reengineered to cater to the specific needs of the most technologically disenfranchised segment of our society – the elderly. The C900 is can be amplified an extra 20-decibels and it has oversized text for a group where hearing problems and failing eyesight are the norm. Most significantly, the US$270 cell phone incorporates an emergency response button capping off a very relevant feature set to an aging population that just goes on and on - hearing aid compatible, an extra strong vibrating ringer and a flashing orange LED to signal incoming calls for the hearing impaired and a flashlight.  Read More

LifeBook U820 mini notebook

A netbook that combines full-featured PC functionality with voice-prompted GPS navigation, a 16-inch desktop replacement notebook that incorporates a second 4-inch touch screen and a 2.2 pound convertible tablet PC are among the latest mobile computing offerings from Fujitsu.  Read More

The Mobie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G.

If there’s one complaint iPhone 3G users have it is the battery life, so it’s hardly surprising to see the first Apple certified “Works With iPhone” attached battery hit the market. The Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case that is designed to more than double the battery life of your iPhone and protect it at the same time. It offers pass-through USB so the iPhone can be charged and synced with iTunes via the included USB cable without removing it from the Juice Pack.  Read More

The MSI Wind U100

MSI has released BIOS update 1.09 for the Wind, allowing users to overclock the notebook by up to 24%, which increases performance by roughly 30%. The update retains the features of the 1.08 version, but provides added functionality and fixes some sleep and hibernation glitches.  Read More

New MP3 compatible logo

Ten years after the release of the first MP3 player, seven UK-based music download retailers are giving the universally compatible format a promotional boost by adopting an “MP3 compatible” logo to indicate they are able to be played on every PC, Mac and on virtually every digital music player.  Read More

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