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First images of the pre-series production unit

UPDATED May 9, 2007 PRE-PRODUCTION IMAGES - Three years ago this week, we previewed the remarkable TAG Heuer Monaco V4 concept watch which was to debut at the world’s premier watch and jewellery fair, Baselworld 2004. The mechanical Monaco V4 overturned basic watchmaking principles by featuring driving belts and ball-bearings instead of the conventional wheels and pinions. Next week, the Monaco V4 returns to Baselworld 2007 as a pre-series production unit. The mechanism uses toothed belts instead of the traditional gear transmission and delivers higher energy efficiency than a traditional mechanical movement.  Read More

Bose In-ear Headphones

May 7, 2007 In a trend mirrored around the world, US MP3 sales have been rapidly increasing, with a 32% rise in 2006 capping an eight year climb that never fell below the double-digits in percentage gain. And since people (grudgingly) replace headphones far more often then they replace MP3 players, headphone product innovation is expected to increase alongside the market, with companies trying to distinguish themselves and tap into the demand. Bose promises that its first venture into in-ear headphones will offer a wide frequency range and an ergonomic design. The US$100 headphones, (which are not noise-reducing or sound-isolating), can be fitted with three differently sized silicone ear tips to ensure that extended listening is made comfortable.  Read More

B&O mobile headset with Bluetooth and DSP

May 4, 2007 Bang & Olufsen’s A8 earphones are now five years old but remain one of the most functional and aesthetic earphones on the market, having subsequently spawned the Earset 1 for mobile phones. Now the Danish tastemeister has evolved the distinctive, comfortable and stylish design to incorporate Bluetooth and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) noise cancellation technology. The US$420 Earset 2 offers four hours of talk time, weighs just 22g and will perform most admirably in any environment where background noise can take over. Exceptional transmission quality is achieved by two omni-directional microphones which filter and suppress background noise, giving the best voice transmission possible. The loudspeaker in Earset 2 is a fully-fledged closed cabinet loudspeaker unit in miniature. Supported by air vents and a bass port together with an ergonomic design, the loudspeaker has a frequency response that gives an exceptionally high degree of tonal precision.  Read More

DARPA's Surface Navigation Concept - without GPS

April 19, 2007 Imagine the United States attempting to fight a war if the Global Positioning System (GPS) were suddenly unavailable. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has obviously thought about it has just awarded a concept development contract to a team of corporations led by Boeing. The objective of the Robust Surface Navigation (RSN) program is to develop technologies that can exploit various "signals of opportunity" -- electronic waves emanating from satellites, cell phone towers and even television transmission towers -- to provide precise location and navigation information to ground troops when GPS signals are being electronically jammed or blocked by natural or man-made obstacles, such as foliage or buildings. The team includes ROSUM, the only company that has used broadcast television signals to locate mobile assets. It's also the first company to combine television and GPS signals for truly robust situational awareness in all environments.  Read More

Razer ProType Programmable Multimedia Keyboard with iPod dock

April 11, 2007 For those people who just never get over their love for their iPod, here’s a keyboard dock combo that will keep your personal icon on centre stage. The ivory white US$130 Razer ProType keyboard is the first keyboard with an integrated iPod dock, enabling easy synchronization and charging of the iPod without the hassle of additional wiring.  Read More

Flip it good: Samsung’s dual screen UpStage music phone

April 10, 2007 You can literally flip between music and calls with the new UpStage phone by Samsung. The US$149 phone features two screens – one for calling, and one dedicated entirely to music. Users can navigate between the two by pushing the “flip” button on the phone’s spine. A video demonstration of the phone’s capabilities can be viewed on youtube.  Read More

Turn any building into a billboard – ambient anarchy approaches

April 5, 2007 From time to time, we see a technology with a lot of potential and we think about the possibilities and we get scared. This is such a technology, and when advertising authority Dr Max Sutherland alerted us to it, his comments reflected the potential and the possible consequences: “Uh, oh. Marketers. Advertisers. Do not use this. Repeat. Do not use this. This being a technology that allows you to use lasers to put temporary graffiti on buildings from hundreds of feet away using laser projection. If you do use it, you know what's going to happen. The entire world is going to look like Times Square because every building will be turned into a "temporary" billboard. Come on. Admit it. You know you can't resist this.” Oh dear, what will become of us all? Will ambient anarchy prevail? Video here. Learn more here.  Read More

inMotion iMV712

March 23, 2007 Altec Lansing created the first portable iPod speaker and the company is continuing in this tradition of innovation with several new products. The most interesting is the inMotion iMV712 which docks your iPod to offer a room filling sound and upsized viewing screen. There’s also the M812 high-end wireless home audio system which enables you to unwire the whole house delivering sound through walls, floors and ceilings up to 100 feet away. Finally, there’s the gorgeous iM600 engineered for quality audio performance with a full complement of features such as built-in FM receiver, remote control, sound field expansion and an on-board rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that offers over seven hours of battery life.  Read More

Freeloader travel solar charger

March 23, 2007 The Freeloader travel solar charger provides enough free solar energy to power an iPod for 18 hours or a mobile phone for over 40 hours. Equipped with a series of adaptors and connectors, the Freeloader offers the flexibility to solar charge anything from a digital camera to a Sony PSP. Featuring a stylish metallic silver design, this lightweight, space-saving piece of kit can fit on to a bag, rucksack or attach neatly to a jacket or jean pocket. The free energy produced by the Freeloader makes it the most cost efficient way to power up those energy guzzling gadgets on the move.  Read More


March 23, 2007 With Apple’s momentous announcement of the iPhone, touchscreen mobile phones are the flavour of the month it seems, and Swedish developer Neonode has been doing it longer than anyone. Neonode introduced its first buttonless and fully touchscreen controlled mobile phone three years ago and now a new mobile N2 has been unveiled and it looks very interesting indeed as it has benefited from all the knowledge gained with the N1. The N2 is as much media player as telephone, and everything is stored on a MiniSD card - just connect it to a PC and drag and drop your music and video files. With an on-screen keyboard, the device is easy to use with one hand; you just sweep over and tap the screen to access the different features. When you want to call or send an SMS you enter the numbers and letters directly on-screen.  Read More

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