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Oh snap! Hands-on with Lenovo's Moto Z and its modular back plates

Modular phones aren't yet a thing, per se, but that doesn't mean underdog (i.e. not Apple or Samsung) smartphone-makers aren't trying their darnedest to put them on the radar. First it was LG with its hit-and-miss G5, and now Motorola (Lenovo) with the Moto Z and its snap-on, Ashton Kutcher-approved "Moto Mods." If our hands-on time is any indication, this could be the first modular approach that really matters.Read More


HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 (and S7 edge): Up close with 2016's best smartphones

For a while there, it looked like the HTC vs. Samsung smartphone rivalry had been snuffed out, after HTC's disappointing 2015 flagship fell short of being a true threat to Samsung's envelope-pushing Galaxy S6. This year is a different story, though, as the companies have top Smartphone of the Year candidates. Read on for our hands-on comparison of the HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 (which also includes the larger Galaxy S7 edge).Read More


Review: The Kito+ iPhone case doubles as a health tracker

Most smartphone cases are used to simply protect devices from knocks and drops – the most you can usually hope for is an extra battery or added water resistance. The Kito+ by Azoi is different in that it has somewhat loftier ambitions: it also wants to keep you healthy. The case doubles as a fitness tracker, and features a detachable module which is able to log metrics including heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature, respiration rate, and even give an electrocardiogram (ECG). We recently tried one out to see what it's all about.Read More

Power boost for LG Stylus 2 Plus edition

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but when it comes to smartphones and phablets it appears the finger is mightier than the stylus, with limited options for stylus lovers. Thankfully Korean country mates Samsung and LG are continuing to show display doodlers some love, the former with its Galaxy Note line, and the latter with it its Stylus 2, which has now been updated with a Plus edition. Read More

Batman-inspired software can give any phone pressure-sensing abilities

One of the features announced when the the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were released that got the tech world buzzing was 3D Touch, the ability for the phone's screen to recognize how much force you're applying to it and respond accordingly with different navigation options. Now, inspired by a scene from a 2008 Batman movie, engineers from the University of Michigan (UM) have developed software that could bring touch sensitivity to all phones – and not just through their screens.Read More


Project Ara: Will Google's modular smartphone slot into our future?

We've been keeping an eye on the progress of Google's Project Ara for a while now, and the radio silence had us a little worried. The idea for a modular smartphone, where individual hardware components like cameras, speakers and battery packs can be easily swapped out to customize your device, was too intriguing to languish in limbo. But Ara will languish no more, as the tech giant gave the project some much needed attention at its I/O conference last week. We now know a lot more about how the system works, how it fits into the current landscape of modular phones and why we should be (at least cautiously) excited about it.Read More


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