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Experimental smartwatch has a movable second screen

Smartwatches may be less cumbersome than smartphones, but those little screens of theirs can only display a limited amount of content. We've already seen efforts to move the touchscreen control surface off of the watch, but researchers from Dartmouth College are taking another approach – they've created a prototype smartwatch with two touch-sensitive screens.Read More


2016 Smartphone Comparison Guide

Your process of buying a new phone doesn't always have to start and end with one or two brands. Sure, Samsung and Apple are the commercial leaders, and makers of some of the best phones out there, but our Best Smartphone of 2016 pick so far comes from HTC, a company that doesn't even do much (if any?) TV advertising these days. No matter which phone you go with, make the best possible decision by starting with this latest installment of our biannual Smartphone Comparison Guide.Read More

Microsoft Research anticipates the future with pre-sensing touchscreen prototype

The next generation of Windows phones and tablets could feature pre-sensing touch capabilities if work out of Microsoft Research makes the leap from prototype to production. The technology allows a touchscreen to anticipate touch input before you lay a finger on the display and register how you're holding the device to tailor context-sensitive menus accordingly.Read More

The future of smartphones? This concept bends to control 3D images

The same team that developed a flexible phone which treats bending its screen as a form of input have now done themselves one better by creating a flexing display that's also holographic. Queen's University's Human Media Lab calls its new device HoloFlex and it can render 3D images visible from different angles without the need for glasses or head tracking.Read More

HTC 10 vs. LG G5

The HTC 10 is an amazing phone that may be our favorite of the year; it's a greater than the sum of its parts return to form for one of the historically best, least gimmicky, smartphone makers. LG's G5, meanwhile, is an ambitious attempt at modularity – a feature that toes the line between innovation and gimmickry. Let's see how their features and specs stack up.Read More

LG's invisible fingerprint sensor hides beneath the smartphone screen

Fingerprint sensors have become pretty much the norm on modern smartphones, but usually they are integrated with a button of some kind. With a view to creating smoother, more minimalist devices, LG has just announced a new fingerprint sensor module that lives underneath the glass. Unless you know what you're looking for, you won't even know it's there.Read More

Camera chassis converts iPhones into mobile journalism rigs

Smartphones can pack substantial optical power, at least for their slight forms, so it's no wonder they're a favored way of capturing life's images. While many photography-enhancing iPhone accessories already exist, the latest is designed to offer a pro-level experience. The Helium Core case allows users to customize iPhones with industry standard 1/4-inch-20 mountable accessories and 37 mm threaded lenses.Read More

iPad Pro 9.7 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Though Apple is a little late to the 2-in-1 party, playing the role of follower, that doesn't mean the iPad Pro can't still play a key role in the long term. But what about for you – right now? Is the iPad Pro 9.7 worth considering as a Surface Pro 4 alternative? These are two very different devices with a little overlap, and a lot of lopsided use cases.Read More

Comparing the five current iPads: iPad Pro 12.9 vs. Pro 9.7, Air 2, mini 4 and mini 2

iPads aren't flying off the shelves like they used to, and Apple's response has been to reach and rebrand, hoping a new definition of "iPad" will bring the tablet back to the relevance of its glory days. Apple has already changed naming conventions several times (once retroactively) along with a new "Pro" series that's trying to reframe the iPad as a Microsoft Surface rival. Confused? Or just wondering which one to buy? Let's compare your iPad options.Read More


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