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Explay's oio nano-projector, set to launch in 2008

May 29, 2007 For years we've been promised micro-projectors the size of a remote control, a matchbox and even a sugar cube that will liberate visual content from the tiny screens of our mobile devices - but none have materialized onto the market. Explay's oio, the standalone version of which looks about the size of an iPod nano and packs some pretty cool features, was recently demonstrated to a press conference - and given a release date of 2008. It looks pretty close to production ready... We live in hope.  Read More

Handsfree email access on the go

May 29, 2007 The proliferation of high-speed wireless networks that keep us connected 24/7 has delivered undoubted benefits to many aspects of our working and social lives. The flipside is that in some situations - notably driving - the combination of mobility and connectivity can be an obvious recipe for disaster. Over 50 governments throughout the world have given recognition to this danger through legislation banning mobile use whilst driving. While hands-free phone usage has long been the norm, mobile solutions company Voice on the Go has taken this to the next level by offering voice access to email, calendars, contacts and other content from any cell phone, smartphone, or PDA.  Read More

Carbon Fiber heating technology for portable warming oven

May 22, 2007 This is a technology with a wide range of application beyond its most obvious function of keeping food warm. Methode Development has developed a lightweight and portable food-warming storage solution that uses its own carbon fiber heating technology to maintain a consistent temperature indefinitely. This food-warming storage product is available in a convenient size for holding catering pans, and is powered through a standard vehicle cigarette lighter plug, facilitating use in food delivery or catering situations. Standard AC/DC wall plug accessories are available for use in restaurants and in-store environments.  Read More

Samsung develops 8GB microSD memory card

May 22, 2007 Samsung has announced that it has developed an 8 Gigabyte (GB) microSD (Secure Digital) memory card, the highest capacity MicroSD card yet and a size optimal for today’s multimedia mobile phones. SD cards, to date, have been largely used for data storage in digital still cameras and increasingly in televisions. MicroSD cards, which are a quarter the size of an SD card, are backward compatible with SD cards using an extender, to allow multimedia files downloaded by mobile phones to be easily displayed on other media.  Read More

The Walkman is back - Sony announces A800 series with digital audio and video

May 18, 2007 Consumer electronics giant Sony once ruled the world of portable audio - their Walkman and Discman brands became synonymous for hand held cassette and CD players around the world. Yet somehow, despite a solid reputation in personal audio, Sony missed the boat when portable entertainment went digital, letting Apple's iPod and a host of other devices snatch a massive market share that it has never been able to eat back into. Yesterday, the company announced the launch of its latest Walkman - the NW-A800 series - a digital personal audio/video player that Sony hopes will bring the company back into the contest. Will it stack up against the wildly popular iPod?  Read More

The RAZR2 - how the next generation RAZR shapes up

May 18, 2007 Motorola’s iconic RAZR, the most distinctive single mobile phone design in the industry’s short history, is about to move into its next generation. RAZR2 evolves the critically important brand into a next-generation device with a host of cutting-edge features such as CrystalTalk technology which automatically adjusts audio to ensure clear calls even in a noisy environment. The RAZR2 has 2GB of on-board memory, Web browsing, real-time point-to-point video and a new ultra-fast menu navigation system, all packed into a slimmer, stronger, sleeker design. Available July 2007 in several markets, the RAZR2 family’s three new handsets – V9 (3G HSDPA), V9m (EVDO CDMA) and V8 (GSM) - will be available to users of all three major technology networks.  Read More

The Sony PCM-D1 Portable Recorder

May 17, 2007 Sony's gorgeous PCM-D1 recorder allows effortless capture of stereo recordings with surprising spatial detail, thanks to its two built-in condenser microphones in an XY configuration. If you need to capture audio on the move, you'd be hard pressed to find a more exquisite tool than this.  Read More

The Garmin Rino 530HCx

May 14, 2007 have updated their Rino line of two-way GPS radios with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that promises fast acquisition and high accuracy in environments typically disruptive to GPS, like dense forests or deep canyons. The Rino 520HCx and 530HCx feature a patented location-reporting function that uses Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) spectrums to beam your location to other Rino users up to 14 miles away. If you're ever trekking in remote parts of the Amazon (or taking your kids to Disneyland), a Garmin Rino or two could be the paddle for your proverbial "fecal creek" situation.  Read More

HP showcases 20 inch entertainment notebook

May 10, 2007 HP overnight introduced a wide range of mobile computing devices, services and infrastructure designed to enhance individual connectivity. The world’s largest notebook vendor showed 13 new notebook models, including a sleek, ultra-light Tablet PC but the star of the show was undoubtedly a 20-inch entertainment notebook. The new HP Pavilion HDX Notebook PC is a very impressive unit, using the big 20.1-inch diagonal display, which is capable of true HD 1080p resolution, with a range of home theatre features including quality speakers, a full-sized keyboard with number pad and a pop-out remote control for watching movies on the very stylish, dare we say iMac-esque, machine. Check out the photo library - this is both beautiful and functional.  Read More

The MobileLite 9-in-1 USB Card Reader

May 9, 2007 There are so many Flash memory card formats currently used by different digital devices that the US$9 Kingston MobileLite 9-in-1 USB card reader will be a welcome tool that simplifies managing digital content between one’s cell phone, digital camera, PC and MP3 player. With nine different card reading options, MobileLite makes moving and accessing music, video, image and data files between cards and devices quick and easy – via one convenient reader. The device works with microSD, miniSD, full-size Secure Digital, SDHC, MMCmicro, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, MMCplus and full-size MMC.  Read More

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