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AMD’s TV Wonder turns your laptop or PC into a feature-rich HDTV DVR home theater

July 10, 2007 AMD today introduced two new TV Wonder products that could really accelerate the blurring of the digital and analogue worlds – both are thumb-sized devices that plug into your desktop or notebook and offer high-definition television (HDTV) viewing and digital video recording (DVR) capabilities. The rangetopping ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe is a combo-tuner DVR with ClearQAM tuning, allowing PC users to receive unencrypted digital content available from their local cable television provider, and switch between analog and digital TV to watch and record a digital TV program while simultaneously watching/recording an analog TV channel.  Read More

Sun-visor clip

July 5, 2007 Nokia, the world’s the largest phone manufacturer, have announced the release of their first dedicated speakerphone. Designed for ultimate hands-free functionality, the detachable Bluetooth Speakerphone includes a powerful speaker and microphone with enhanced audio quality via Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that cancels out excess noises and echoes, plus the ability to automatically switch off once you’ve finished talking. The Speakerphone HF-300 is operated with battery power (so you're not confined to using it with a power outlet) and comes with a sun visor clip for convenient attachment inside the car. Illuminated keys are featured for easy use and with up to 20 hours of talk time, the 80g unit is also suitable for extended hands-free conversations anywhere outside the car through the inclusion of rubber feet that allow it to be mounted on a variety of surfaces.  Read More

Ben Jandrel with the wind charger

July 5, 2007 The problem of keeping your mobile phone fully charged when miles away from a conventional electricity source is being tackled by UK wind turbine specialists, Gotwind. The Orange wind charger prototype is a small, portable tent mounting mobile phone charger that uses stored kinetic energy to fully charge a mobile phone in up to two hours. Weighing only 150 grams, the wind generator may be a convenient answer for your next camping trip and adds another option to the growing number of ecologically friendly phone accessories such as solar powered phone chargers (which have limited functionality at night and in colder climates) and wind-up units.  Read More

 Reaching a new threshold of portable memory storage for mobile phones, the SanDisk  8-gi...

June 28, 2007 SanDisk Corporation has begun sampling 6- and 8-gigabyte (GB) microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) flash memory cards to major phone manufacturers and mobile network operators (MNOs) for testing and evaluation. The new cards are ideal for the growing number of feature-rich multimedia handsets that bring together phones, music players, hand-held computers, digital cameras and more. Pricing has not yet been determined but we can expect to see them at retail well before the end of the year.  Read More

Hypercom's Optimum M4100 Blade

June 22, 2007 "Sorry, I've got no cash on me" is possibly one of the biggest barriers to sales for mobile businesses and charity groups. But that won't be an excuse for long - Hypercom has announced the immediate global release of a hand-held wireless card payment system that's very quick, extremely secure and much, much smaller and lighter than previous attempts. Tricked-out with extremely quick processing, a color screen and support for credit, debit, gift, loyalty and check transactions - including non-contact PayWave-style transactions - this unit will make business much smoother for mobile and delivery businesses across the world.  Read More

Adobe announces important ereading software - Digital Editions 1.0

June 21, 2007 Adobe has announced the release of an important new software application - Digital Editions 1.0 - specifically for acquiring, managing and reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications. Available as a free download (Win and Mac). Adobe Digital Editions transforms the digital reading experience and offers new creative possibilities for publishers. Leading publishers, online retailers and channel partners have announced their support for Adobe Digital Editions and creating content is very cost- and time-efficient using Adobe’s sensational new InDesign CS3 software (review coming shortly). In addition, with versions for mobile platforms and reading devices also planned, Sony has committed to embed the technology into its most-likely-to-succeed portable reader product line.  Read More

Apple iPhone upgraded even before release

June 19, 2007 You have to hand it to Steve Jobs and the team – they sure know how to build awareness. Yesterday Apple announced the iPhone will deliver significantly longer battery life when it ships on June 29 than was originally estimated when it was unveiled in January - 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use and a whopping 250 hours of standby time, which represents more than 10 days without a recharge (provided you don’t do anything else in the meantime of course). On top of that, it’ll run seven hours of video or 24 hours of audio playback. In addition, the entire top surface, including its 3.5-inch display, has been upgraded from plastic to optical-quality glass to achieve a superior level of scratch resistance and optical clarity.  Read More

Vibration-compensated mini projectors

June 14, 2007 Miniature projectors embedded in our cell phones, handheld game consoles and other personal electronics appear very likely to play a major role in the future of information display. Projecting a large screen display on a wall appears the most effective way we can currently envisage having a large screen inside a small form factor. One of the problems will of course be that a handheld device projecting a large screen might not lead to a stable, vibration-free and easily readable display. Now German scientists from the Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden have combined a compact laser projector system with inertia and yaw rate sensors to project vibration-compensated images. The sensor system detects the slightest motion and rotates the image to compensate for it, ensuring a steady picture, even in a moving vehicle. The system could be commercially available within two years.  Read More

Wireless power transfer over two-meter distance, from the coil on the left to the coil on ...

June 9, 2007 The possibility of wireless power transfer came much closer this week when a team of scientists at MIT demonstrated an important step toward accomplishing this vision of the future. The breakthrough moved us one step closer to the point where devices such as cell phones, mp3 players and laptop computers might not even need their bulky batteries to operate.  Read More

Speculation mounts with the coming of the iPhone

June 8, 2007 If you have a keen eye for the markets, you’ll no doubt have been watching the publicity leading up to the release of the iPhone which is slated for June 29. Could the iPhone go the way of Project Ginger (the Segway) and have a fantastic product dubbed disappointing because expectation was just so high? And just how much influence can one product have on a global company’s market cap? According to John C. Dvorak, if “you follow the rules and sell on good news and buy on the bad, now would be time to short Apple Inc. There is no company out there with this much good news.” The interest in what happens next has seen regular sports bookmakers frame odds and the latest market on what will happen to the value of Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) stock on June 29 is that it is short odds to post a greater percentage gain than AT&T and …  Read More

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