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Work Big IN10

September 5, 2007 Though not yet meeting the promise of palm-sized, ultra-portable nano-projectors the InFocus Work Big IN10 Ultra-Mobile Projector does offer a boost to portability weighing in at 2.4lbs (1.09kg) and measuring 2.5in (6.3 cm) x 6.1in (15.49cm) x 7.8in (19.81cm).  Read More

Sanyo SCP-7050

September 4, 2007 Sanyo has added the rugged SCP-7050 to its range of mobile phones. Adhering to military standards for dust, shock and vibration, the clam-shell type phone features a durable rubber non slip exterior designed for use in physically demanding environments, full Bluetooth functionality, high quality display and built-in GPS capabilities.  Read More

Quellan QNx220

September 3, 2007 Quellan has announced a new RF Noise Canceller that extends the advantages of the technology beyond the realm of purely audio applications to enhance signal strength and clarity for video reception. In a weak signal area such as underground roadways or in high rise environments, a cell phone using the QNx220 can recover several bars of lost signal strength and a GPS receiver can obtain a location lock in just seconds rather than minutes.  Read More

The credit card size Creative ZEN music, video and photo player

September 2, 2007 Creative’s new credit card-sized (well, try 55 x 83 x 12mm) Creative ZEN music, video and photo player was one of the stand-outs in the incredibly crowded personal media player space at IFA this week. The top-of-the-range Creative ZEN comes with a 16.7 million colour 2.5-inch screen and 16GB storage plus an SD memory slot and includes a built-in FM radio with 32 station presets, a voice recorder, and a personal organiser which can synchronise contacts, ‘to do’ lists, and calendars with Microsoft Outlook.  Read More

Panasonic 16GB SDHC card due in November

September 3, 2007 UPDATED - NEW IMAGES With memory’s inexorable bang-per-buck march outstripping even Moore’s Law of doubling every 18 months, it’s not surprising that we constantly announce new record capacities. It’s nonetheless exciting because the number of HD camcorders and high-resolution digital still cameras demanding card-based recording media with larger capacity and higher data transfer speeds is dependent on the development of more and faster memory cards. Panasonic today announced it will release a 16GB Pro High Speed SDHC Memory Card with a data transfer speed of up to 20MB/s. The new RP-SDV16GU1K card will be globally released in November with a retail price of US$320.  Read More

Sony releases new open format digital media players and kills ATRAC format

August 30, 2007 Sony today announced two new series of digital media players that will use MP3, AAC and WMA formats, at the same time as announcing it will discontinue use of the ATRAC format and begin closing its Connect online Music store in March 2008. Sony’s role as a music distributor has long compromised its position as a manufacturer of digital media players and the long-time stand-off between the two arms of the Japanese giant that threatened to make its digital music players irrelevant is over as it seeks to make up lost ground in the booming market created by digital file sharing over the internet. Ironically, though it can now compete on an even playing field with the likes of Apple’s iPod, one wonders what the consequences of abandoning its loyalest customers will do to the market’s perceptions of the famous Walkman brand.  Read More

Sleek new Nokia 6555 3G mobile phone

August 28, 2007 Nokia’s 6555 3G mobile phone is just that, a new 3G mobile phone. But in the 21st century where phone equals fashion accessory, what sets it apart at first glance is its stunning looks - the sleek clamshell design features a recessed hinge that creates a seamless line when open, an external analog clock, and inside, a 16 million color display.  Read More

Gomadic Quadcharge

August 28, 2007 The Quadcharge is an inexpensive, all in one hub that allows you to charge four devices simultaneously whilst decreasing the number of AC adaptors that need to be connected to a power source, while at the same time cleaning up the tangled web of cords that otherwise pervade your kitchen bench-top or home office space.  Read More

World Record distance in a Wi-Fi technology transmission of 304km (188.89 miles) between M...

August 27, 2007 A new world record distance for a 5 GHz Wi-Fi link has been achieved by the Italian Center for Radio Activities (C.I.S.A.R), and Ubiquiti Networks, a leading innovator in outdoor wireless broadband solutions. The distance of 304km (188.89 miles) was established from Sardinia Island to Central Italy achieving data-rates of about 5Mbps, using Ubiquiti’s XtremeRange5 (XR5) High-Power Carrier Class mini-PCI radio module and 35dBi 5 GHz parabolic dish antennas.  Read More

MOTO Q music 9m

August 24, 2007 Motorola has introduced a new smartphone that seeks to build on the ergonomic design and multimedia capabilities of its predecessor the Motorola Q. The sleek MOTO Q music 9m features a QWERTY keyboard, a side-scroll thumbwheel and dedicated keys for one-handed navigation and supports over-the-air music downloads using Verizon’s V CAST 3G EV-DO network.  Read More

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