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Latest Otterbox iPhone 4 case takes inspiration from car crumple zones

Otterbox has a well earned reputation for producing high-quality protective cases for mobile gear and its latest range for iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Curve – the Reflex Series – has just been announced at CES. The new design is made up of a single layer of polycarbonate and TPE rubber which surrounds your smartphone with an air cushion "crumplezone" so that in the event of a bump, the case recoils and springs back again. Read More

NEC's dual-screen LT-W Cloud Communicator Tablet

NEC has chosen CES to detail its new dual screen Cloud Communicator Tablet. The Android device is designed to be held like a book and each screen can contain independent applications running at the same time. It's powered by an ARM Cortex A8 processor, an onboard camera to the rear and has a threesome of wireless connectivity options. Read More


On the Go: Top gear for your leisure

A few weeks back we took a look at the best tech going around for the mobile business traveler .... now it's time to take a break. Whether your idea of relaxation involves spending your weekends kicking around a campfire, trotting down a wilderness trail or taking on sporting challenge, technology is here to help enhance your leisure time. Here's our pick of some of the best gear to take with you on your adventures.Read More

Speed demon: Motorola unveils Droid Bionic 4G smartphone

It's all about speed, speed, speed for Motorola in 2011. The new Droid Bionic, unveiled at CES, will be Motorola's new smartphone flagship, with fast dual-core processing and blistering download speeds over Verizon's LTE 4G network, billed as the fastest in America. And speed aside, the new big Daddy Droid packs quite a spec sheet.Read More

Motorola shows off XOOM tablet

Motorola and Verizon today came out with what is sure to be one of many new tablet computers that we're going to see at CES 2011. Billed as the world's first Honeycomb (Android 3.0) tablet, the specs of the XOOM look impressive with a dual core 2GHz processor (Nvidia Tegra 2) and a 10.1 inch HD display. The 3G/Wi-Fi enabled XOOM boasts two cameras: a front-facing 2 megapixel camera for use during video chat, as well as a rear-facing 5 megapixel camera capable of shooting 720p video. Read More

Joby does it again with clever and gorgeous iPad cover/stand

Although Joby has found yet another use for its bendy support technology with the Yogi iPad stand, our eyes were drawn to the company's other release at this year's CES. If you're a fan of origami then you are simply going to love the seriously clever Ori, and even if you just don't get the fine art of paper folding we still think you'll be impressed. As well as spending some of its life as a protective cover, this smart-looking metallic stand can also transform into different structures to provide a variety of viewing possibilities.Read More

Lacie's blisteringly quick USB 3.0 FastKey SSD

Gizmag is no stranger to USB storage innovations from LaCie so we took the opportunity to have a closer look at the company's FastKey drive on display at CES. The combination of USB 3.0 and SSD technology in a palm-sized form factor is claimed to result in a drive that can transfer small files up to 100 times faster than a hard disk drive connected via Hi-Speed USB. Read More

Unique slider keyboard design one of four new tablets on show from ASUS at CES

If there’s one thing that’s bound to be prominent at CES 2011, it’s tablet devices. ASUS is getting the ball rolling with four new tablets – each of which offers something different for users. The 7-inch Eee Pad MeMO is designed for taking handwritten notes with its included stylus, the 10.1-inch Eee Pad Transformer offers the capabilities of a fully-fledged notebook thanks to an optional docking station, while the Eee Slate EP121 is a 12.1-inch tablet powered by an Intel Core i5 dual-core processor. However, it is the 10.1-inch Eee Pad Slider that really stands out with the inclusion of a unique full QWERTY sliding keyboard design.Read More

DanKam app clears up color blind confusion

Best known for discovering security flaws in online systems, Dan Kaminsky has recently announced the development and release of a smartphone app to help with color blindness. DanKam takes the colors that cause viewing problems and applies filters to make them visible. The system is currently optimized for the most common form of color vision deficiency, although users are encouraged to customize and tweak the augmented reality app to try and find settings that work best for them. Read More


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