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Walli smart wallet buzzes your phone if you leave it or your cards behind

For something so easily misplaced, a lost wallet can cause an inordinate amount of hassle. Chores like replacing a driver's license and calling the bank to cancel credit cards, while resigning oneself to the loss of whatever cash was stored within, aren't much fun in anyone's book. The people behind Walli are aiming to save forgetful folk from such hassles, by giving their smartphone a nudge when the wallet or some of its contents are left behind.Read More

2015 Smartphone Comparison Guide

If you're shopping for a smartphone, this is the best time of year to do it. Not only do many of the best handsets launch around this time, but if you keep your eyes open, you can also find some sweet deals. Let Gizmag help with your decision, as we compare some of the best smartphones of 2015.Read More


iPad Pro review: More like iPad Business Casual

The 12-inch iPad Pro is a strange device. Like other Apple products, it has a premium, polished design and is (in some ways) delightful to use. But it also shows Apple playing the unfamiliar role of follower – and (in some ways) not doing a particularly good job of it. Read on, as Gizmag reviews the fun but slightly illogical iPad Pro.Read More

Poco serves as actioncam, multimedia player, gaming machine and more

Nearly five years ago, Iain Sinclair Designs launched a credit card-sized compact camera concept called the Poco Pro. Though it generated quite a bit of interest, component supply difficulties meant that the project quickly ran aground. Now Iain's son, Grant, has updated the design and launched an Indiegogo to bring the new Poco to production. Built around a Raspberry Pi compute module, the pocket-sized "supercomputer" can be a bike-mounted actioncam, hi-res music player, handheld gaming console and portable web browser.Read More


Nexus 5X review: Average phone, above average value

A new Nexus phone used to be something to get excited about for Android devotees; it represented what Google thought could be an ideal mobile experience for others to build off of. The Nexus 5X doesn't quite engender that same mystique, but after spending over a week with one, we can still recommend it as one of the best overall value smartphones around.Read More

EM-Sense tech expands IoT by telling smartwatches what their users are touching

EM-Sense is a software defined radio solution with the potential to make smartwatches smarter by informing them what a user is touching. By measuring electro-magnetic (EM) signals conducted through the body and interpreted in real time, EM-Sense can quantify the world in new and useful ways. From guiding projects that include sensing what a wearer is doing while providing feedback through to fitness and health tracking, the Internet of Things just became exponentially larger.Read More


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