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MobileMinder app keeps an extra eye on children


October 21, 2011

MobileMinder keeps tabs on your child while they're away

MobileMinder keeps tabs on your child while they're away

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Realizing that the huge demand for parental monitoring programs for computers could also apply to phones, Dublin-based mobile web service company Associate Mobile has developed MobileMinder - a smartphone application running on a secure and encrypted network that allows parents to monitor their child's location, contacts, call history, photos, and web use.

"MobileMinder offers parents great peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their children and their use of mobile phones. In my day bullying was only done face to face but now, with most children carrying mobiles, a bully can harass their victim whenever they choose and we want to put a stop to this," stated Don Corbett co-founder and CEO of mm Technologies (a subsidiary of Associate Mobile).

Parents have the ability to view a 24 hour movement history, set safe area alerts, as well as alerts to know when the child has arrived to their destination and alerts of key words that may infer sexting or bullying. Parents can even remotely delete photos from the phone, which can help put an end to the popular practice of "sexting" amongtst teens. It also has an "I'm Lost" feature, allowing a lost child to send a map and directions to their parents.

This cloud based child-protection platform is currently available for Android with plans for further expansion to other operating systems (a Blackberry system is in development), as well as other applications. MobileMinder has an introductory price of €5.99 (about US$8.25) per month.


This is BIG PARENT like BIG BROTHER but with love.

Carlos Grados

Yeah, don\'t trust your kids and be involved in their personal lives. Just use Orwellian technology on them.

Sarah Mitchell

Hi Sarah, It\'s not about not trusting your children. It\'s about keeping them safe from things that can happen to them. Enriching the parent child relationship and showing the child that even when they are not physically close to their parents they are still able to keep them safe through mobile technology.

Facebook User

If you need this, you also need to evaluate where you went wrong with your childrearing...


The inexorable march to Orwell. This is disgusting. I\'d hope they don\'t sell any of these, but you know how stupid most people are.

Jeff Chernoff

Don, most kids need some of that but also some level of freedom to make mistakes, get hurt, and grow. If a child grows up never getting hurt becuase their parents are always keeping them safe then what happens when they leave home? Will they even leave home?

I see the benefit of this type of system, but would prefer to stay a little cautious in its use so as to prevent over-use.


Ceridian absolutely its up to the parent as the user defines the utility. We developed the system as a response to the fact that over 40% of teens have been cyber bullied, sexting is seen as unlawful in some US states and the incredible statistic that according to the FBI over 800,000 children, one every 40 seconds goes missing in the US. We figured the best method of protection for them and concerned parents was creating something to go on a piece of technology they have with them at all times..ie their mobile device. We live in a new technological era where children are being exposed to potential new threats through technology and we must put safeguards in place to protect them. @Jeff its an open debate absolutely and will come down to each parents style and level of concern for protecting their children from outside harm. From the interest we have received to date there is a definite demand for the service and we are delighted to be providing something that will further give parents some peace of mind about their children\'s safety.

Facebook User

As a parent I am concerned about the prevalence of sexting and cyberbullying in the lives of our children nowadays. I recently attended an information evening at my daughter\'s school and was astonished at how common this seems to be. Furthermore, the potential consequences of cyberbullying and sexting are too serious for me to ignore and do nothing.

I think this is a great idea, not because I want to spy on my kids but because I want to help keep them SAFE. Keep up the good work guys!


Anna M
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