Mobee Magic Bar induction charger for Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad


April 13, 2011

Mobee's Magic Bar wireless charger for Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

Mobee's Magic Bar wireless charger for Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

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Going wireless with your keyboard and mouse might unleash you from the shackles of cables, but at the price of having to constantly shell out for batteries or swap rechargeables in and out. Inductive chargers like the Powermat have provided a convenient, cable-free way to keep mobile phones, portable games consoles and PMPs powered up, and now Mobee has launched the first inductive charger developed specifically for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

Joining Mobee's inductive Wireless Magic Charger for Apple's Magic Mouse, the Magic Bar comprises a cylindrical battery pack that replaces the two AA batteries usually used to power the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard or Magic Trackpad, and an aluminum base station specially designed to allow said devices – and said devices only – to slide in and out. The base station draws power via a Micro-USB cable and will charge the cylindrical battery pack in around six hours to provide around 10 days of wireless power, dependent on usage patterns.

Mobee will be releasing the Magic Bar at the end of June 2011, with a retail price of US$60. Pre-orders will be taken from May 15.

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Hey-wow! A $60 dollar gizmo that frees me from the heavy burden of changing my keyboard\'s rechargable batteries once every six months!


So, let me understand: For the projected lifespan of the keyboard, it\'d be cheaper to commit $60 NOW (AND have to run wires) than to INCREMENTALLY buy batteries at about 30-50 cents each to avoid the \"price of having to constantly shell out for batteries\"?? Darren; where did you learn economics? Neither the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard nor the Magic Trackpad will consume 120-180 batteries during their lifespans. Plus, the energy flowing to the charger isn\'t free... a small cost to be sure, BUT SO ARE THE BATTERIES!

Craig Walker
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